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#8270 closed task (fixed)

Hello BuddyPress 6.0.0

Reported by: imath Owned by: imath
Milestone: 6.0.0 Priority: normal
Severity: normal Version:
Component: Core Keywords: dev-feedback has-screenshots has-patch


Let's work on updating our Hello BuddyPress screen. I'd also like we look at renaming the "Recent Rockstars" term in credits to use something like "6.0.0 Noteworthy Contributors"

Attachments (9)

8270.patch (22.7 KB) - added by imath 5 weeks ago.
8270-02.diff (21.7 KB) - added by dcavins 5 weeks ago.
Language change suggestions
8270-credits.patch (4.9 KB) - added by mercime 3 weeks ago.
36 contributors so far for BP 6.0.0
8270-credits-2.patch (4.9 KB) - added by mercime 3 weeks ago.
Add sjregan contributor to BP-REST in
8270.a11y.patch (589 bytes) - added by imath 2 weeks ago.
8270-credits-3.patch (4.5 KB) - added by imath 2 weeks ago.
8270.a11y-2.patch (4.9 KB) - added by mercime 2 weeks ago.
a11y markup and styles patch
8270-ally-3.patch (1007 bytes) - added by imath 2 weeks ago.
8270-ally-4.patch (1.5 KB) - added by imath 13 days ago.

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#1 @imath
7 weeks ago

@todo Add a link to the BuddyPress Survey 2020 into our "Hello BuddyPress Screen"

5 weeks ago

#2 @imath
5 weeks ago

  • Keywords has-patch needs-copy-review added; needs-patch removed

8270.patch contains my suggestions for the 6.0.0 hello screen. It features:

  • BP Blocks,
  • BP REST API remaining endpoints
  • BP Nouveau improvements
  • Under the hood part to talk about #8156
  • "We want to hear your voice" is a specific part to introduce the 2020 BP Survey.

About the Credits screen, I'm also replacing "Recent Rockstars" in favor of "Noteworthy Contributors to Version". I would love to have your feedbacks and in particular some second looks to my english!!

This ticket was mentioned in Slack in #buddypress by imath. View the logs.

5 weeks ago

5 weeks ago

Language change suggestions

#4 @dcavins
5 weeks ago

Hi @imath, I uploaded a new patch with a few minor language edits. I thought the page you wrote was good, so I didn't make any deep changes. Thanks!

#5 @imath
5 weeks ago

Hi @dcavins awesome! Thanks a lot 😍

#6 @imath
4 weeks ago

  • Keywords has-screenshots added

Here's a screenshot of @dcavins's patch

#7 @imath
4 weeks ago

In 12638:

Update the BuddyPress Hello modal to inform about 6.0.0 top features

Props dcavins

See #8270

#8 @imath
4 weeks ago

  • Keywords has-patch needs-copy-review removed

The last thing to do about this ticket is to update the BP Survey placeholder with the link to it.

#9 @imath
4 weeks ago

In 12641:

Hello BuddyPress Screen: post 6.0.0-RC1 improvements

  • Fix a missing /* translators: */ comment.
  • Reapply image minimisation for the BP Blocks animation GIF.

See #8270

#10 @mercime
3 weeks ago

@imath The 17 questions per our Google docs are in our CrowdSignal survey which will be opened when BP 6.0.0 rolls out. Sent the URI of the survey to you.

#11 @imath
3 weeks ago

Thanks a lot @mercime 😍. I forgot the "props" update step! We need to identify the "Noteworthy Contributors to 6.0.0" and I think it would be great to include Polyglots contributors in the "All Contributors to BuddyPress 6.0.0" section.

#12 @mercime
3 weeks ago

@imath I can help with props update if you haven't done it yet ✔

And yes, I agree it would be great to include Polyglots contributors by asking at their #polyglots slack channel.

#13 @imath
3 weeks ago

@mercime awesome! Thanks a lot, I haven't done it ☺️

3 weeks ago

36 contributors so far for BP 6.0.0

3 weeks ago

Add sjregan contributor to BP-REST in

#14 @mercime
3 weeks ago

@imath 8270-credits-2.patch is the updated list of contributors based on props in BP Trac plus sjregan in BP-REST repo. I leave the list of translators up to you :D

We need to update/fix the following in the Hello BuddyPress! modal before launch:

  • Number of contributors - 28 listed there. We currently have 39 (plus upcoming number of translators by May 14, 2020)
  • "Changelog" tab content has "Sorry, the page you requested was not found."
  • Modal is no longer readily accessible via keyboard, i.e., keyboard tab from address bar no longer goes directly to the Hello BuddyPress! modal but goes to the links in background screen first.
  • Almost forgot, add the link to the 2020 BuddyPress Survey :D
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#15 @imath
3 weeks ago

Thanks @mercime : great work 💪 The 2nd patch looks good to me, feel free to commit it 👌.

Yes the change log is not yet published on 😊, that’s why.

I’ll look at the a11y issue, and I’ll add we need to « select » the Noteworthy contributors to 6.0.0 and probably move some Rockstars into the last section.

#16 @mercime
3 weeks ago

In 12645:

Update credits for 6.0.0 release.

See #8270.

#17 @mercime
3 weeks ago

Thanks @imath. And yes, re Changelog, I saw the code after I posted the issue, hence the strikethrough, hahaha. Have to remind myself not to go to Trac or look at code after midnight

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2 weeks ago

#18 @imath
2 weeks ago

  • Keywords has-patch added

@mercime I've tried to apply what we've discussed about during latest dev chat about keyboard navigation in 8270.a11y.patch. Now once the last link is "tabbed out" the focus should be set on the Modal's close button.

Can you test/confirm ?
Thanks in advance 😉

#19 @imath
2 weeks ago

I've updated the "noteworthy contributors" and "all contributors" sections in 8270-credits-3.patch. For the "All contributors" section, I've added the 3 Polyglots contributors that were not already included.

#20 @mercime
2 weeks ago

Attached 8270.a11y-2.patch:

  • Changed h2 heading of "BuddyPress 6.0.0" to an h1 heading. Each modal is like a new document and each should have a h1 heading so unsighted users via screen readers know what the new document is all about.
  • Ported style from h2 style of the Plugin detail modal to our h1 heading.
  • While the role="dialogue" is good for the outer container, need to add role="document" to the inner modal container to facilitate browse mode for NVDA, JAWS, and other assistive technologies which have that mode.

Tested 8270.a11y.patch. Thanks @imath. While it worked on TABs, it didn't work on SHIFT+TABs because it escaped the modal container and proceeded to wp-admin's footer links. One solution would be at core's plugin-install.js.

Our modal's $firstTabbable is the close button element based on viewing the code. My bad, during the meeting, I didn't look at the source code but only went by what I saw without testing it with a11y tools :(

Following gif shows tabbing and shift+tabbing through the Hello BuddyPress modal. As you will see, that when I continue SHIFT+TAB, eventually the keyboard escapes the modal area, to the footer links of the wp-admin screen.

Compare it with how tabbing or shift+tabbing is constrained within the plugin details modal below:

Below is a comparison between our modal and the plugin detail modals of the tabbable elements and how keyboad is rightly trapped within plugin modal until user closes the modal with the close button.

Following is the a11y status of the modal at this stage:
OK --- On opening the modal, set focus. Focus was set on the close button, which is the first tabbable element of the modal.
OK --- While modal is open, TAB forward works within the modal only until modal is closed.
not yet --- While modal is open, SHIFT+TAB works within the modal only until modal is closed.
not yet --- When you close the modal, return focus to the last focused element (link that opened the modal).

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2 weeks ago

a11y markup and styles patch

2 weeks ago

#21 @imath
2 weeks ago

@mercime Thanks a lot for your explanations. Feel free to commit 8270.a11y-2.patch, it looks good to me 👍. 8270-ally-3.patch is improving 8270-ally.patch taking in charge the SHIFT+TAB keys the way you described it should be.

About setting the focus back to the element which opened the modal, as it's a page load, no link were clicked before the modal is shown. So it set the focus on the "Skip to content" link, should we alter this by setting the focus on the WP Admin Bar Hello BuddyPress submenu, giving the fact that this modal can be opened when you click on the "Hello BuddyPress" link of the BuddyPress row of the Plugins list table ?

#22 @mercime
2 weeks ago

In 12648:

Hello BuddyPress modal: Update markup.

Raise heading level of the document title and add style support.

See #8270.

#23 @mercime
2 weeks ago

Tested 8270-ally-3.patch And yes, keyboard focus has been effectively trapped within the modal. Thanks @imath. Attached is the animated gif with the result.

should we alter this by setting the focus on the WP Admin Bar Hello BuddyPress submenu

Yes please. Whether it be keyboard users or users of screen readers, the expected default behavior when one closed the modal is to go back from whence they came. Then it's up to the user to navigate to wherever they want. Thank you.

#24 @imath
13 days ago

@mercime the "Hello BuddyPress" link is not tabbable as inside a not shown menu, so adding the focus to it does nothing.

I've found a workaround in 8270-ally-4.patch where I generate a new screen reader shortcut. Is this ok ?

13 days ago

#25 @mercime
13 days ago

Thank you for all your work on making this modal more accessible @imath. After testing the 8270-ally-4.patch, the better solution after closing the BP modal at this stage would be the 8270-ally-3.patch which goes with the normal flow of tabbing through wp-admin that users are already accustomed to.

Last edited 13 days ago by mercime (previous) (diff)

#26 @imath
12 days ago

You're welcome @mercime :) I'm going to commit 8270-ally-3.patch then.

#27 @imath
12 days ago

In 12649:

Hello BuddyPress Screen: a11y improvements

Make sure using the TAB key or the SHIFT + TAB keys when the Hello Screen is displayed focuses links inside it.

Props mercime

See #8270

#28 @imath
12 days ago

In 12650:

Hello BuddyPress Screen: update credits

  • Update the "Noteworthy contributors to 6.0.0" section.
  • Include the Polyglots contributors to the "All contributors to 6.0.0" section.
  • Update the number of contributors to 6.0.0 into the Hello BuddyPress screen.

Props mercime, dcavins

See #8270

#29 @imath
11 days ago

  • Owner set to imath
  • Resolution set to fixed
  • Status changed from new to closed

In 12651:

Hello BuddyPress Screen: update the link to the 2020 survey

props mercime

Fixes #8270

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