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The Wire: Roadmap

The Wire - v0.1 (Completed)

End User Functionality

  • Ability to view your own and friends wires
  • Ability to post a message on a friends wire
  • Ability to post a message on your own wire
  • Ability to delete messages you have posted
  • Ability to delete messages others have posted on your wire
  • Displaying user avatars next to wire posts

Template Functionality

  • Template tags to render a wire input box
  • Template tags to render a list of wire messages

The Wire - v0.2 (Completed)

End User Functionality

  • The ability to view all wire posts after the display limit is reached.

The Wire - Future (after v1.0)

  • The ability to view a user-to-user wire
  • The ability to attach media to a wire post such as a picture or video.
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