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Opened 4 years ago

Closed 5 weeks ago

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#4126 closed enhancement (wontfix)

Allow admin to select fields to display in user "excerps" on Groups' user list page

Reported by: sooskriszta Owned by:
Milestone: Priority: normal
Severity: normal Version: 1.5.4
Component: Appearance - Template Parts Keywords: has-patch 2nd-opinion needs-testing
Cc: vivek@…, shane@…


At the moment, if you go to a Group and click on Members (e.g. you see

  1. username
  2. profile image

It would be cool if of all the profile fields (including custom fields), the site admin could select which fields to display in that "excerpt"

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member-directory.2.png (53.6 KB) - added by sooskriszta 2 years ago.
member-directory-mobile.png (27.1 KB) - added by sooskriszta 2 years ago.
profile-data-admin-2.png (25.1 KB) - added by sooskriszta 2 years ago.
Visibility on Card.png (19.1 KB) - added by sooskriszta 16 months ago.
Admin UI
4126.patch (31.3 KB) - added by abwebstudio 6 weeks ago.
Updated patch file with changing in code

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#1 @sooskriszta
4 years ago

Actually, it currently also shows:

  1. Join time/freshness

There should be an option to turn #3 off.

#2 @DJPaul
4 years ago

  • Component changed from Groups to Theme
  • Milestone Awaiting Review deleted
  • Resolution set to invalid
  • Severity changed from major to normal
  • Status changed from new to closed

At this point in BP-Default's life, we don't want to introduce a screen of theme options, which is where we'd add this type of option. The template for this screen can be customised in your theme, in /groups/single/members.php.

#3 @sooskriszta
4 years ago

Perhaps mark this as Future Release instead of Invalid then?

In any case, I think it's about time that BP had more detailed Admin/Config options.

#4 @DJPaul
4 years ago

  • Milestone set to Future Release
  • Resolution invalid deleted
  • Status changed from closed to reopened

Ok. We're going to be doing a lot of work to how themes work in BuddyPress 1.7 (fyi we're building 1.6 right now). My current understanding is that BP-Default in 1.7 is going to frozen (no new features) except for any bug fixes -- but the core team hasn't discussed this in detail yet. I've put this in to Future Release milestone for now.

#5 @sooskriszta
4 years ago

Should be part of bundled theme (not BP default)

#6 @sooskriszta
4 years ago

  • Version changed from 1.5.4 to 1.5.5

#7 @boonebgorges
4 years ago

  • Version 1.5.5 deleted

#8 @sooskriszta
4 years ago

Is this being considered for the bundled theme in 1.7?

#9 @sooskriszta
3 years ago

  • Component changed from Theme to Template Pack
  • Version set to 1.5.4

#10 @sooskriszta
3 years ago

BuddyPress powers a range of communities... from a cribbage club for retired people, to a football club, to a school and to a support group for an illness.

Hence, the admin should decide for her own community what info goes on the cards (member excerpt on member directory page).

In admin panel, perhaps against each field, there should be a flag (checkbox in the UI, boolean flag/column in table) for "display on member cards"

#11 @sooskriszta
2 years ago

  • Cc vivek@… added

#12 @shanebp
2 years ago

  • Cc shane@… added

I mildly object to your use of a graphic, without acknowledgement, from one of our premium plugins in a trac ticket.

#13 @sooskriszta
2 years ago

@shanebp I tender apologies without reservation.

I didn't know there was a plugin for this. I found the graphic in a Google Image Search.

#14 @sooskriszta
2 years ago

P.S. Would you consider donating this plugin to the core? This feature should really be a part of the core.

#15 @shanebp
2 years ago

It wouldn't be the first time that one of our ideas made it into core.

But 'donating the plugin' isn't how things work.
The core devs would integrate the concept in a rigorous way and the resulting code would bear little resemblance to our code.

also - our BuddyProfileData plugin is one of our top sellers so I will close by saying that the core devs have many other more pressing matters to attend to :)

#16 @sooskriszta
2 years ago

Good to know.

Out of curiosity, exactly how popular is the Buddy Profile Data plugin?

#17 @sooskriszta
2 years ago

So, anyway, I'm jonesing for this to be in 2.1

#18 @sooskriszta
16 months ago

Instead of BuddyProfileData's admin UI (and architecture), I suggest making this a field property.

16 months ago

Admin UI

#19 @DJPaul
10 months ago

  • Component changed from Appearance - Template Pack to Appearance - Template Parts

#20 follow-up: @boonebgorges
7 weeks ago

It looks like is at least in part a copy-and-paste of the BuddyProfileData plugin referenced above. It's in questionable taste for us to consider the patch in this context.

When I imagine a UI for managing this kind of feature, the thing that comes to mind most immediately is the Customizer. That'd provide a familiar framework for getting live previews of reconfigured directories, and would make it easy to play with different sort orders, etc. I'm not sure whether more Customizer integration is something we actively want to pursue in BP, but I thought I'd throw that out there.

#21 in reply to: ↑ 20 @sooskriszta
7 weeks ago

Replying to boonebgorges:

a copy-and-paste of the BuddyProfileData plugin

Really? When I checked the patch, it seemed very close to my proposal (see below) which is nothing like the mentioned plugin
(The relevant flag is "Visibility on card")

Last edited 7 weeks ago by sooskriszta (previous) (diff)

#22 @shanebp
7 weeks ago

It looks like is at least in part a copy-and-paste of the BuddyProfileData plugin referenced above.

@boonebgorges - thanks for noticing. The patch is identical to our plugin - except that 2 functions were added to show and save the 'Visibility on card' option shown above. And author attributes were stripped.

btw - if any core devs want to review or use any PhiloPress plugins - just ask.

6 weeks ago

Updated patch file with changing in code

#23 @abwebstudio
6 weeks ago

I have added 4126.patch file.
In this file code has some differences from the initial.
I hope these changes will be enough.

#24 follow-up: @hnla
6 weeks ago

  • Milestone Future Release deleted
  • Resolution set to wontfix
  • Status changed from reopened to closed

Given the nature of this ticket and the previous comments surrounding the use of existing code I feel that to produce further patches is really not appropriate. Given that it has been stated that at this present time Core is not contemplating adding something along these lines it's best to close this ticket for the time being.

#25 in reply to: ↑ 24 @sooskriszta
6 weeks ago

  • Keywords has-patch 2nd-opinion needs-testing added
  • Milestone set to Future Release
  • Resolution wontfix deleted
  • Status changed from closed to reopened

Replying to hnla:

Given that it has been stated that at this present time Core is not contemplating adding something along these lines

I strongly disagree.

Whenever I have asked the core team, the answer I have received is that it awaits a patch.

#26 @hnla
5 weeks ago


If you want to write a patch please do so but please make sure it's your own work.

I closed this ticket due to the previous actions and comments by the core team and the concern that this latest patch was far too similar to the existing plugin and the previous uploaded zip that was removed. I suggest that if this requirement is really desired then write a new patch, test and upload to a fresh ticket.

This ticket was mentioned in Slack in #buddypress by boone. View the logs.

5 weeks ago

#28 @boonebgorges
5 weeks ago

  • Milestone Future Release deleted
  • Resolution set to wontfix
  • Status changed from reopened to closed

We talked about this ticket during this week's developer chat (see the logs linked above). A sort of consensus emerged that, while this kind of feature is potentially useful to many, it's at odds with our current goals to move the building of markup out of core files and into theme templates. See eg #6109, #6844. We could make a concerted effort to make more of our front-end appearance modifiable from the Dashboard, but this would necessarily mean moving more of the template logic out of the traditional WP theme structure.

I am a big believer that this kind of thing would be useful to users, but I think that, given our current strategy, it belongs in a theme or plugin that is marketed as a "page builder" type of tool: a GUI for deciding which content appears where in the BP sections of your site. Something like this could be really powerful, but it needs to be done in a comprehensive way - not piecemeal, with a single feature like the Group directory - and ideally with a beautiful interface to match.

#29 @sooskriszta
4 weeks ago

I have always asserted, and I am glad that you agree, that this functionality would be beneficial for a large proportion of BuddyPress users.

Needless to say, I am disappointed by the decision, and do firmly believe that the functionality can be deployed without including actual markup, i.e. how to display the field, in the core. We already do that for some fields: username, last active, profile photo, etc, and themes etc style these to their own wishes.

Yeah, @abwebstudio messed up, in copying some of @shanebp 's code and that particular patch may be unacceptable. But I hope that's not the reason for closing the ticket and the door to any improvements in this regard.

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