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Private Messaging: Roadmap

Messaging - v0.1 (completed)

End User Functionality

  • Compose a message
  • Reply to a message thread
  • Delete a message thread

Messaging - v0.2 (completed)

End User Functionality

  • Basic TinyMCE integration
  • Bulk delete message threads
  • Avatar support in message threads

Messaging - v0.3 (completed)

Administrator Functionality

  • Send system wide notices

End User Functionality

  • Ability to send messages to multiple friends

Messaging - v0.4

End User Functionality

  • Template tags for front end message display
  • Pagination of thread list
  • Mark as read option
  • Auto-completion of friends names and groups
  • Ability for administrator to send messages to group members (can be done with wire messages)

Messaging - Future (after 1.0)

  • Attach files to messages
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