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Groups: Roadmap

Groups - v0.1 (Completed)

End User Functionality

  • Creating groups
  • Searching and joining groups
  • Invite users to join groups
  • Accept/reject group invitation

Groups - v0.2 (Completed)

End User Functionality

  • Group privacy, honor private and hidden group settings.
  • Ability to edit group details as an administrator
  • Ability to kick users from a group, promote members to group moderators.
  • Separate and disable already invited friends on group invite screen.
  • Add "My Groups" widget to profile page.

Admin Functionality

  • List all groups with the ability to delete groups.

Groups - v0.3

End User Functionality

  • Confirm support for photos and wire.
  • Ability to auto create a BBPress forum for a group when created.
  • Remove any component dependencies.
  • Add "random content listing" to show lists of active groups, rather than having to always search for new groups.
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