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Core: Roadmap

Core - v0.1 (completed)

  • Basic functions that are used throughout BuddyPress components
  • Functionality to push aside blog dashboard and replace it with activity feed placeholder
  • Functions to add third level navigation system
  • Functions to handle pagination of BuddyPress component lists
  • Functions to group blog related tabs into one 'Blog' tab
  • Functions to enable and group BuddyPress admin and user settings
  • JS and CSS used throughout BuddyPress components

Core - v0.2 (completed)

  • Functions to redirect certain slugs to specfic template files '/profile -> profile.php', '/friends -> friends.php' etc.

Core - v0.3 (completed)

  • feed listing your activity and your friends activity within a BuddyPress installation.
  • Your own personal activity feed, only showing your own activity.

Core - Future

  • Privacy - a generic privacy setup that can be applied to any component
  • Functions to support Open ID, OAuth and distributed functionality.
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