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Custom Components

If you're planning on building, or are current building a custom BuddyPress component, please list it here. Please include who you are, a short overview of what you plan to create, and a link to any further useful information.

Inter-User Chat

Created by Duane & Dale from BraveNewCode. It will hopefully allow friends to chat with each other in real time, and change from online to offline status. Any other features we should try to capture in this bad boy, please contact Duane, or list them here.

Import Friends

This componets will allow to invite friends from contact list of AOL, Windows Live Messenger, Gmail, Lycos or Yahoo. Additionally it will allow import a CSV file of contact list of Microsoft Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Apple Mail or LinkedIn and it will allow invite a friends of Facebook and Twitter. Then after have imported a contact list it will send a mail to friends that are not registred yet. It is creating from Giovanni Caputo, italian staff of Buddypress-it. Download alpha version: Download

Extended features for Groups

Created by Amaury BALMER from WP-Box

Add blogs, gallery photos (with comments) and gallery movies (with comments) for each groups. Release date planned for early in or during Feb 09

BuddyPressDEV Plugins

BuddyPressDEV, the community of BuddyPress Developers has released various plugins, you can see them on the Plugin-Directory or visiting Here a list of last BPDEV Official Plugins:

BPDEV-FLICKR that adds a flickr importer feature BPDEV-YOUTUBE that adds youtube feature BPDEV-SIMPLEPIE that adds simplepie library (required by BPDEV-FLICKR & BPDEV-YOUTUBE) BPDEV-ADMIN-MENU that adds a BPDEV settings menu in the dashboard BPDEV-FORUMS-EXCERPT that cuts the forums excerpt

These plugins are developed by Nicola Greco

Video Speed Dating (Introductions)

This component will allow any site to offer video speed dating (or video introductions) for all members. The application is free to use already at, create be me (Art), so I'm just going to go through the BP docs to create the correct hooks