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19:56 Ticket #8567 (Newly introduced `bp_get_group()` should be less restrictive checking ...) closed by imath
fixed: In 13107: […]
19:56 Changeset [13107] by imath
Be less restrictive when checking the Group object in bp_get_group()
19:32 Ticket #8566 (ui-sortable does not work properly for activity post boxes on edit page) closed by imath
fixed: In 13106: […]
19:32 Changeset [13106] by imath
Admin: Make sure the .postbox class is only used into sortable boxes …
17:26 Changeset [13105] by espellcaste
Making PHPDoc Improvements to the BP Members (component) files. Also, …
13:30 Ticket #8567 (Newly introduced `bp_get_group()` should be less restrictive checking ...) created by imath
When listing Groups within the Groups WP Administration screen …
10:31 Ticket #8566 (ui-sortable does not work properly for activity post boxes on edit page) created by oztaser
* If you click move up button first post box from side (status box), …


08:20 Ticket #8565 (Pagination not working on member profile topics/replies/engagements lists) created by phy9pas
I’ve set up a fresh install of the latest wordpress, bbpress and …


14:12 Changeset [13104] by espellcaste
Update group-related functions so that they use the new bp_get_group
14:01 Ticket #7614 (Group member count routine is bad) closed by espellcaste
fixed: In 13103: […]
14:01 Changeset [13103] by espellcaste
Improving the group member count routine and the function helper. …
04:10 Ticket #8508 (Paginate messages and recipients in a thread) closed by espellcaste
fixed: In 13102: […]
04:10 Changeset [13102] by espellcaste
Adding support to the offset pagination to Messages and Recipients in …


20:03 Ticket #8564 (Update references from wp_parse_args to bp_parse_args) created by espellcaste
As titled. Mainly for consistency. Review if certain bp_parse_args


08:36 Ticket #8240 (Data handling issue with `BP_Akismet::get_activity_history()`) closed by stephdau
worksforme: Hi @imath, User …


18:00 Ticket #8524 ("item_id" is not saved when updating an activity that belongs to a ...) closed by espellcaste
fixed: Pull request was merged and will be available at BuddyPress version 10.0.0.
08:58 Ticket #8406 (To slow, little too long before the records come up i activity) closed by imath
wontfix: Hi, Sorry, I don't understand what's expected. If you can improve …
08:54 Ticket #8314 (Settings do not save, Groups not created, Drop Index error code) closed by imath
08:46 Ticket #8267 (Storing avatar information into usermeta) closed by imath
08:31 Ticket #8109 (Profile Picture Upload Crop Error) closed by imath
08:26 Ticket #8098 (Default Field Visibility Rules Not Being Set on User Profile Creation ...) closed by imath
wontfix: Hi, Thanks for your feedback. BuddyPress doesn't provide such a …
08:07 Ticket #8030 (uploading a profile picture from the mobile device) closed by imath
07:43 Ticket #8560 (Adding Password Token to BuddyPress Email Tokens) closed by imath
wontfix: Just like WordPress, we won't send passwords into emails. The right …
07:40 Ticket #8561 (Allow Custom Logo in Email Header, and allow Header and Footer to ...) closed by imath
maybelater: Hi, You can already achieve a, b, c, d by overriding the email …
07:31 Ticket #8495 (Search form not shown when using Storefront theme from WooCommerce) closed by imath
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