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14:26 Changeset [11403] by djpaul
Credits: update contributor list for 2.8 Thanks to all for your …
14:26 Changeset [11402] by djpaul
Credits: update team section for 2.8.
03:57 Ticket #7430 (Reverse the order in which the Travis jobs run) created by netweb
The Travis jobs within a build run in the order in which they're …
02:29 Ticket #7429 (Update and fix all the NPM things) created by netweb
This is a rolling ticket for numerous issues relating to BuddyPress' …


10:54 Ticket #7428 (XProfile: a group's first field becomes last after save) created by SGr33n
Hi, Looks strange nobody yet reported this, I searched but nothing …


11:48 Ticket #7427 (New actionhook bp_send_mail) closed by djpaul
fixed: In 11401: […]
11:48 Changeset [11401] by djpaul
Emails: add action before email is validated and sent. Allows …
08:17 Ticket #6322 (Travis CI jobs fail intermittently) closed by netweb
wontfix: Replying to boonebgorges: > ... It appears that the …


04:23 Ticket #7427 (New actionhook bp_send_mail) created by mahype
At the moment it is not possible to change email content before …


21:28 Ticket #7425 (XProfile: use filterable field input name in radio/checkbox field type) closed by offereins
fixed: In 11400: […]
21:28 Changeset [11400] by offereins
XProfile: use filtered template tag for checkbox/radio input names. …
21:01 Ticket #7415 (Add bp_parse_args filter key to bp_activity_get_specific) closed by djpaul
fixed: In 11399: […]
21:01 Changeset [11399] by djpaul
Activity: add pre/post filters to bp_activity_get_specific
20:51 Ticket #7407 (Language error) closed by DJPaul
20:40 Ticket #7370 (Slug Constants causing problems) closed by DJPaul
invalid: Thanks - we know this area is one where BuddyPress is pretty poor, and …
20:11 Ticket #7354 (Accessibility: Provide sufficient color contrast for BuddyPress admin ...) closed by mercime


15:48 Ticket #7426 (Welcome Screen for 2.8.0) created by mercime
15:26 Ticket #7425 (XProfile: use filterable field input name in radio/checkbox field type) created by Offereins
Perhaps there is a good reason, but currently the radio and …


17:26 Ticket #7424 (filter get_avatar_url to parse URLs from BP avatars) created by elhardoum
Hello, This is my very first ticket and I hope I am not breaking …
15:31 Ticket #7422 (Link from email goes to 404 when not logged in) closed by dcavins
Hi @calford- Thanks for your report. There is an open ticket (#7349) …
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