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    11Thanks DJPaul.
    2 No, I did not say Unicode issues about @mentions. I have tested %mentions only with English. I said hashtag is not Unicode compliant. @mentions and hashtag are two *different* things.
     2No, I did not say Unicode issues about @mentions. I have tested %mentions only with English. I said only hashtag ( by a plugin) is not Unicode compliant. @mentions and hashtag are two  different  things :)
    4 Justice delayed is Justice denied :)
    5 If it takes a long time to have that, it will mean more loss ....
    6 Why not then a plugin that takes care of it till 'that' time ? There is already
    7 - Media plugins that put an upload icon around Whats New Box
    8 - BP activity plus can provide link thumbnails
    9 - there is already BP Privacy that puts Privacy selector icons around Whats New Box
    10 - there is already Location selector icon by BP checkins that puts its icon in the Whats New box
    11 - the only significant missing bit here is Events - which the Event Manager can provide
    12 - the current trend to put a post "with so and so user" can be done by @mentions
    13 All that we need to do is put these together in an integrated way around the What's new box and recommend this plugin at the BP installer screen. Can Automattic sponsor this? Can it be crowd-funded? If its a sticky on the frontpage or in the forums we will know.
    15 Waiting for future has serious drawbacks
    16 - it will mean losing more users and some of them are bound to be "useful" users (=contributors)
    17 - more platforms will come up like EasySocial, Elgg2, Drupal 8's Drupal Commons, Oxwall
    18 - there will be more things to develop in future with moving times and the "lag" by BP will be even more hurting
    20 Hack, workaround, patch, do whatever - do it now. Code tidiness, code cleanup, code robustness, api goodness can follow. Iphones were released thus, and iterated with each release.
    23 Extend the Wordpress philosophy to buddypress
    24 ""Anyone can set up a blog on WordPress  and be up and running in a few hours....It’s easy enough that a hobbyist can start their own website or blog in a weekend. It’s easy enough that an old-school marketing firm can set up a website in house and, just as importantly, understand how to use it without reading pages of manuals.
    25 WordPress is committed to serving non-technical users who want to communicate easily and effectively. So, its appeal makes sense when you consider that people who go into communications fields tend not to be introverted technologists.
    26 And because of ...., WordPress never had the luxury of being able to tell its users to RTFM, nor could it shrug and say, “It works for me.” ''Rather, the features of WordPress were driven by content people, not techies. Every feature had to be usable by bloggers, including non-technical ones.''""
    28 Thanks