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  • Ticket #6291, comment 4

    initial v1  
    1 Structural aspects of twentyfifteen theme and BP.
    3 BP renders unique screens within a theme, some themes render their primary page/posts in a manner most suitable for posts or text in a fairly narrow width perhaps not best suited to BP screens.
     2Main Structural Elements of twentyfifteen theme and BP Screens.
    5 I'm going to suggest for twentyfifteen we adjust these layouts for BP where body.buddypress exists.
     42015 has a layout style that designed to best display content in a post/blog specific manner with fairly narrow content areas.
     6BP screens such as single members user accounts are screens that render quite a bit of detailed content and in some sense represent a utility aspect of a site.
     8I am going to suggest that with themes such as 2015 / 2014 we take the view that BP screens are handled separately and re-factor those default content widths; so The posts pages have one distinct look but when we hit a BP screen we update that look to show off the BP screens in their own right.
     10The SC below are rough examples of this in practise where we widen the 'article' dimensions and massage the margins and padding.
     12Against 2015 breakpoints we:
     14* Widen content and reduce right margin for wide screen & up, preserving the max width and left margin.
     16* On tablet landscape or approx 960 to 760 we remove the margins and maximise our real estate for '.post'.
     18* On small screens tablet portrait we preserve the look but reduce the margins to squeeze a little more real estate (this view I'm not sure about adjusting as its less obvious a change and thus might look odd jumping between bp-user & posts/pages)
     20* On all screens medium up we lose the top margin and padding to bring the post content section 'up' while padding down the heading to line up with site title.
    722In the initial sass file I have added a section to manage primary layout elements along with a very basic set of rulesets under breakpoints to demonstrate controlling the dimensions/margins/padding of elements such as the page article, this would need building on though and is a suggestion with example as a discussion point.