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Changes between Initial Version and Version 10 of Ticket #6033

11/26/2014 07:56:47 PM (6 years ago)

I've duplicated the issue when I deactivate the activity component from "Settings > BuddyPress > Components" admin page in the WP admin dashboard.

I think the fix proposed by vimes1984 works, but needs to be tweaked to check that what is loaded on the page is the group members template part.

Assigning to myself for a closer look.


  • Ticket #6033

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    • Property Summary changed from Groups Home templates no activity ajx not working.. to Group home filters do not work when the activity component is disabled
    • Property Owner set to r-a-y
    • Property Version changed from 2.0.3 to 1.7
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  • Ticket #6033 – Description

    initial v10  
    1 When viewing a the single group home page with no user activity the ajax links E.G filters and search don't work...
    2 Attaching a new buddypress.js file that patches this.
     1When the activity component is deactivated and you click on a group home page, the default loaded template part is now the group members template loop:
     4If you attempt to use the dropdown filters or the ajax search functions to filter the group members, they do not work.
     6The JS needs some tweaking to fix this.