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Reply to Activity Comments can be Unclear

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Pasting the #buddypress-dev discussion:

(2:28:39 PM) junsuijin: apeatling: on a related note, i was checking out yesterday when fixing some css for one of the minor tickets and i thought the interface for activity shown on apeatling's profile for example, that is in reply to someone else's activity, is a little non-intuitive
(2:28:46 PM) apeatling: that should be okay though, since that occurs far less often
(2:28:58 PM) junsuijin: i didn't think of any better way, but it's a little odd to click view on the in re posts before you can reply
(2:29:22 PM) junsuijin: maybe they should show direct replies to that item, and also allow replying from the current page
(2:29:54 PM) junsuijin: it just seems like a forum item otherwise, where replies are not possible, but then if you know better you click view or # and you can actually reply
(2:31:28 PM) apeatling: junsuijin: you mean activity comments showing on the profile?
(2:31:36 PM) junsuijin: yes
(2:31:41 PM) junsuijin: like if i'm looking at your profile
(2:32:02 PM) junsuijin: anything i could reply to, which did not originate from your profile, i have to click view or # before i know i can reply
(2:33:04 PM) apeatling: It's only comments though
(2:33:18 PM) junsuijin: true, it just struck me as a bit odd
(2:33:21 PM) apeatling: I thought if you allow people to reply to a comment without looking at the entire thread, it would get pretty messy
(2:33:30 PM) junsuijin: i was trying to think of more intuitive ways of handling it but didn't yesterday
(2:33:40 PM) junsuijin: yeah i figured that was the logic
(2:33:48 PM) apeatling: the action is also missing actually
(2:34:00 PM) apeatling: it should say "In reply to: John posted an update: blah blah"
(2:34:04 PM) junsuijin: i was just now contemplating showing any replies to the comment, and then allowing replies from there
(2:34:05 PM) apeatling: but right now it's just saying
(2:34:09 PM) apeatling: "in reply to: blah blah"
(2:34:11 PM) junsuijin: ah
(2:34:37 PM) junsuijin: also, another thing i contemplated was using ajax to unfold the previous posts in the activity back to the first, right on the page
(2:34:38 PM) apeatling: yeh I thought about that, but I think that's even more confusing
(2:34:51 PM) apeatling: you're going to get a bunch of fragmented conversations all based on the same thread then
(2:35:03 PM) junsuijin: that's true
(2:35:10 PM) apeatling: yes, that was actually what I did first of all
(2:35:22 PM) junsuijin: maybe just making a 'participate' or similar button or making view more prominent somehow
(2:35:27 PM) apeatling: you could click "show thread" and it would load the thread in place of the comment, and the highlight the comment
(2:35:40 PM) apeatling: that would probably make a nice plugin thogh
(2:35:50 PM) junsuijin: yeah, why did you ditch that way?
(2:36:00 PM) windhamdavid: you could just change # to <view>
(2:36:06 PM) apeatling: it was a bit clunky
(2:36:08 PM) junsuijin: yeah there are 2 links there
(2:36:21 PM) junsuijin: but like forum activity items, you can't reply to
(2:36:26 PM) junsuijin: so it gets a little confusing for a new user
(2:36:40 PM) junsuijin: they would think they can't reply to the other items either unless they knew to click view or #
(2:37:00 PM) apeatling: I think on the items that you can't comment on
(2:37:06 PM) apeatling: there should be a "View" link in place of "comment"
(2:37:09 PM) apeatling: "reply"
(2:37:21 PM) apeatling: maybe
(2:37:58 PM) junsuijin: looking at your profile quick
(2:38:16 PM) windhamdavid: i think "reply" is more intuitive for the user
(2:38:57 PM) junsuijin: yeah you're right about the "posted a new activity comment" and then it's not exactly clear that it's coming from some other thread aside from the reply to
(2:40:20 PM) junsuijin: i'm not sur about view vs reply, because you can reply on forums too just not the same way of course
(2:41:20 PM) junsuijin: the different avatar sizes do provide a bit more of a clue too i suppose
(2:42:24 PM) junsuijin: maybe if "In reply to" was a link as well and also a pill that would be enough of a clue
(2:42:47 PM) apeatling: yeh that's not a bad idea
(2:42:55 PM) apeatling: can you put this in an enhancement ticket and link me?
(2:42:59 PM) junsuijin: yeah sure
(2:43:00 PM) apeatling: otherwise this stuff is going to get lost
(2:43:02 PM) apeatling: thanks
(2:44:38 PM) jjj: Hm
(2:44:59 PM) jjj: Interesting side effect; you can't post replies, but you can still narrow down the activity to a single event.
(2:45:26 PM) jjj: I had to type the URL though, since the # is hidden.
(2:45:47 PM) apeatling: anything that hits the activity stream has a permalink
(2:46:00 PM) apeatling: but for forum replies and other items, they are not that useful
(2:46:07 PM) jjj: Right
(2:46:45 PM) jjj: I think we should ditch the :
(2:46:45 PM) apeatling: with a forum reply, you want to see the topic, so you can reply
(2:47:00 PM) apeatling: at the end of the action?
(2:47:08 PM) jjj: Yeah
(2:47:16 PM) apeatling: yeh good call
(2:47:27 PM) jjj: The time-since should probably have a nowrap too

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#1 @r-a-y
15 years ago

Thanks for posting the log, junsuijin, I missed the dev meeting.


At first, I had the same thoughts as you, junsuijin, about the activity comments.

In my view, a BP user's activiy stream is similar to a user's Twitter stream; I'm slowly getting used to it, of course, there's always room for improvement.

Maybe instead of the "#" or the "View" link in activity comments, the anchor text could say "View entire discussion" or "View in context" or something like that.


JJJ's link to the forum activity permalink is interesting. Didn't know about that.

Is it possible to add a meta robots tag to nofollow,noindex the forum and blog comment activity permalinks?

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14 years ago

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I'm having a hard time parsing a specific request out of this ticket, so I'm going to close this one. If there's something worth harvesting out of the above, perhaps someone could reopen with clarification.

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