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#1356 Usernames with @ redirect to home rather than profile/edit profile Core defect (bug) closed 11/19/2009
#1360 The Buddybar does not work with all themes ... defect (bug) closed 11/24/2009
#1376 I can't post anything on the site! defect (bug) closed 11/26/2009
#1377 Status - new parameter in bp_status_from_usermeta filter - has-patch Activity defect (bug) closed 11/26/2009
#1392 Profile Field Setup Cant Add SelectBox Fields Activity defect (bug) closed 11/27/2009
#1394 Group name and description misses some Lithuanian characters after the group is created. defect (bug) closed 11/28/2009
#1395 </form> and </div> mixed up in Changeset 2152 defect (bug) closed 11/28/2009
#1401 recover password : reset yes, new password fails Sites defect (bug) closed 11/29/2009
#1403 There was an error saving the field. Please try again Activity defect (bug) closed 11/29/2009
#1412 Broken link to download BuddyPress defect (bug) closed 11/30/2009
#1420 Group invites problem in latest trunk revision Groups defect (bug) closed 12/04/2009
#1426 BP_ENABLE_ROOT_PROFILES conflicts with multisite subdirectory slugs Core defect (bug) closed 12/05/2009
#1428 Admin doesnt have access for hidden groups defect (bug) closed 12/06/2009
#1469 Home -> My Groups is not showing my groups list defect (bug) closed 12/17/2009
#1470 Home -> My Friends Bug defect (bug) closed 12/17/2009
#1484 404 Page error with IE8 when creating group or topic, FireFox OK defect (bug) closed 12/20/2009
#1486 BP 1.2 trunk Cannot Create Blog defect (bug) closed 12/21/2009
#1492 Groups and Member widget filter aren't working on BP 1.2 theme Core defect (bug) closed 12/22/2009
#1497 Unable to Post Reply on Forum Core defect (bug) closed 12/27/2009
#1514 When you reply to your own post you get an email notification defect (bug) closed 12/31/2009
#1523 Cannot activate plugin - Fatal error: Cannot redeclare bp_loader_activate() defect (bug) closed 01/01/2010
#1524 BP trunk does not load since rev 2213 on WPMU defect (bug) closed 01/01/2010
#1526 Names did not appear in "Members" lists until profile was visited once Core defect (bug) closed 01/01/2010
#1538 Activity Items dissapearing from "Private Groups" Activity Stream. defect (bug) closed 01/03/2010
#1550 Login issue defect (bug) closed 01/05/2010
#1564 enabling discussion forum while creating group defect (bug) closed 01/07/2010
#1568 Single-WP-Install - No Activaton Email is sent on registration defect (bug) closed 01/07/2010
#1595 Not being able to add new topic to a forum after adding 12 topics Core defect (bug) closed 01/14/2010
#1596 Not being able to add new topic to a forum after adding 12 topics defect (bug) closed 01/14/2010
#1602 1.1.3 Can't create groups Core defect (bug) closed 01/15/2010
#1648 Deleting Activity leads to 404 (tested in 1.1.1 and 1.1.3) defect (bug) closed 01/21/2010
#1663 Where are the installation guides? defect (bug) closed 01/22/2010
#1704 Buddypress username & password not sent in welcome email defect (bug) closed 01/26/2010
#1705 Cannot set homepage as static while simultaneously displaying posts in blog Core defect (bug) closed 01/26/2010
#1720 Blog Feature Does not Appear to Work in Buddypress theme (on BP 1.1.3) defect (bug) closed 01/28/2010
#1724 Hardcoded table prefix in get_blog_role_for_user Core defect (bug) closed 01/29/2010
#1734 Avatar Upload Core defect (bug) closed 01/31/2010
#1735 Header Toolbar Core defect (bug) closed 01/31/2010
#1758 install error: call to undefined method defect (bug) closed 02/01/2010
#1759 .mo malfunction or out of memory Core defect (bug) closed 02/01/2010
#1761 Forum defect (bug) closed 02/02/2010
#1762 Logging in defect (bug) closed 02/02/2010
#1774 Display name change Core defect (bug) closed 02/02/2010
#1784 Textfields in IE8 needs adjustment Templates defect (bug) closed 02/03/2010
#1794 If Group is Created before Forum Component Install, Group Cannot Post to Forum Core defect (bug) closed 02/03/2010
#1797 Error on auto install of bbpress within buddypress defect (bug) closed 02/03/2010
#1800 Douple posts in activity and no activity on members page defect (bug) closed 02/03/2010
#1832 User Name contains dot character(.) cannot navigate defect (bug) closed 02/06/2010
#1841 Groups: No activity updates shown for other members Activity defect (bug) closed 02/07/2010
#1844 Notifications link not working defect (bug) closed 02/07/2010
#1852 Replacing The Header Image Failed defect (bug) closed 02/08/2010
#1867 Error 403 On forums Core defect (bug) closed 02/09/2010
#1868 hebrew translate defect (bug) closed 02/09/2010
#1934 Site-wide privacy inoperable on activity page defect (bug) closed 02/13/2010
#1935 No front page theme options (Blogs or Activity) on dashboard defect (bug) closed 02/13/2010
#1957 Show activity on front with activity disabled breaks things... Core defect (bug) closed 02/15/2010
#1979 Warning: include error message defect (bug) closed 02/17/2010
#1996 Problem posting to existing forums Forums defect (bug) closed 02/18/2010
#2003 Blogmeta Names - No Options After Creation Core defect (bug) closed 02/19/2010
#2033 Admins cannot view/admin private groups defect (bug) closed 02/21/2010
#2038 path error in bp admin-bar Blogs defect (bug) closed 02/21/2010
#2044 activity stream shows "view" and "delete" buttons twice defect (bug) closed 02/22/2010
#2053 Status Update PHP Warning defect (bug) closed 02/24/2010
#2059 On Standard Wordpress, I can't enable Registrations Activity defect (bug) closed 02/24/2010
#2079 Bug in Activity Directory where admin moderates another user's posts Activity defect (bug) closed 02/26/2010
#2088 Group Forum sticky bug defect (bug) closed 02/27/2010
#2092 Broken: Installed BuddyPress on GoDaddy defect (bug) closed 02/28/2010
#2094 locate the_time function Core defect (bug) closed 02/28/2010
#2126 Error with another language Core defect (bug) closed 03/04/2010
#2134 Cannot create New Group in Forums defect (bug) closed 03/05/2010
#2135 not able to login to buddypress forums with wordpress username/pass Core defect (bug) closed 03/05/2010
#2140 Can Not Activate Buddy Press defect (bug) closed 03/06/2010
#2150 bp_core_filter_parent_theme() prevents other themes from using register_theme_directory() Activity defect (bug) closed 03/07/2010
#2154 Buddypress Links checks for frendship status of non logged in user resulting in a crash defect (bug) MrMaz closed 03/08/2010
#2161 wp_users.display_name not updating on registration Activity defect (bug) closed 03/09/2010
#2165 Language link broken Core defect (bug) closed 03/10/2010
#2176 XProfile Multiselect doesn't save properly defect (bug) closed 03/11/2010
#2177 Bug: wrong number of users of a group Groups defect (bug) closed 03/12/2010
#2181 Class 'BP_Blogs_Comment' not found Extended Profile defect (bug) closed 03/12/2010
#2182 email registration with BP 1.2.2 Activity defect (bug) closed 03/12/2010
#2183 buddypress and gravatar conflict using P2, sandbox and many other themes, WPMU Core defect (bug) closed 03/12/2010
#2185 BP new user registration not working Core defect (bug) closed 03/13/2010
#2199 All Pages Redirect to Root Activity defect (bug) closed 03/16/2010
#2200 Problem with Groups Activity defect (bug) closed 03/16/2010
#2205 Header background color wrong; subtitle missing Blogs defect (bug) apeatling closed 03/17/2010
#2208 Wordpress 2.9.2 Single, Buddypress page not found Core defect (bug) closed 03/18/2010
#2209 xprofile_insert_field() does not accept 'type' => 'option' Extended Profile defect (bug) closed 03/18/2010
#2210 Actual Blog name is not shown Blogs defect (bug) closed 03/18/2010
#2214 Wrong action ... # in forums hides details under admin bar Forums defect (bug) closed 03/19/2010
#2232 Cropping tool not working with template pack. Extended Profile defect (bug) closed 03/22/2010
#2235 incorrect variable in bp_activity_notifications Activity defect (bug) closed 03/23/2010
#2256 Problem BuddyPress Backwards Compatibilty 0.6 Core defect (bug) apeatling closed 03/27/2010
#2440 Issue related to sending of Activation E-mail Core defect (bug) closed 06/14/2010
#2619 Registration Errors when using Multiple Radio Buttons Templates defect (bug) closed 09/05/2010
#2708 Update recommended plugins list in readme.txt Core defect (bug) boonebgorges closed 11/03/2010
#752 eleganty handle re-request friendship issue Friends enhancement closed 05/19/2009
#758 be able to group blogs enhancement closed 05/27/2009
#762 BP activation sequence fix enhancement johnjamesjacoby closed 05/30/2009
#773 Use the correct position of admin-bar-logo enhancement coto closed 06/09/2009
#782 Flag content enhancement closed 06/14/2009
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