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#8059 Hidden Fields Searchable From Members Search Form Members defect (bug) closed 03/02/2019
#8069 typo 'edit_user' in class-bp-members.php Members defect (bug) closed 03/22/2019
#8094 The use of wp_filter_kses in getting BP xprofile textarea fields prevents an expanded html tag set Extended Profile 4.3.0 defect (bug) closed 05/13/2019
#8098 Default Field Visibility Rules Not Being Set on User Profile Creation During Account Import Extended Profile 4.3.0 defect (bug) closed 05/22/2019
#8107 Default gravatar behaviour in Settings > Discussion Core 2.9.0 defect (bug) closed 06/27/2019
#8109 Profile Picture Upload Crop Error Core defect (bug) closed 07/01/2019
#8114 Hidden Groups Remain Hidden, Even To Admins Groups 4.4.0 defect (bug) closed 07/24/2019
#8118 current_page_item Activity missing Core 4.4.0 defect (bug) closed 07/26/2019
#8119 Friendship Requested button on member's profile doesn't respond anything Core defect (bug) closed 07/27/2019
#8121 Travis phpcompat test not returning correct results Build/Test Tools defect (bug) netweb closed 08/02/2019
#8189 buddypress-xprofile-rich-text-field (PHP 7+ warnings) - variable checking needs to be done Extended Profile defect (bug) closed 01/07/2020
#8191 Localization text not matching with po file source text Core 5.0.0 defect (bug) closed 01/09/2020
#8192 Source Text single quote should be double quote Core defect (bug) closed 01/09/2020
#8203 Coding Standard: Duplicate Array Keys Found - src/includes/forums/functions.php Core 5.0.0 defect (bug) closed 01/13/2020
#8219 Trying to get property 'show_avatars' of non-object Core 5.0.0 defect (bug) closed 01/22/2020
#8239 Group activity stream filter not working with Nouveau, fine with Legacy Activity defect (bug) closed 02/19/2020
#8240 Data handling issue with `BP_Akismet::get_activity_history()` (not sure) defect (bug) closed 02/20/2020
#8252 Some BP Admin Screens are messed up in WP5.4 Administration defect (bug) slaFFik closed 02/29/2020
#8256 no se asocian las paginas de wordpress con las paginas de buddypress Sites defect (bug) johnjamesjacoby closed 03/19/2020
#8257 Create user_id on $wpdb->signups table Core defect (bug) closed 03/20/2020
#8261 Extended Profile - Remove/delete Name as primary Extended Profile 5.0.0 defect (bug) closed 03/25/2020
#8285 Trying to get property 'show_avatars' of non-object Core defect (bug) closed 04/29/2020
#8314 Settings do not save, Groups not created, Drop Index error code Core 6.0.0 defect (bug) closed 06/11/2020
#8331 Fatal error: Class 'BP_REST_Components_Endpoint' not found REST API 5.0.0 defect (bug) closed 07/08/2020
#8352 WP-Agents is good website for WordPress Support Core defect (bug) closed 08/24/2020
#8366 Members link in the menu Navigation defect (bug) closed 09/20/2020
#8402 “Change Profile Photo” function to delete & crop Avatars is broken on Vanilla install Media 6.3.0 defect (bug) closed 11/21/2020
#8416 whats the usage of the BuddyPress Module key Core defect (bug) closed 01/04/2021
#8417 how to create paid subscription of group subscription? Core defect (bug) closed 01/04/2021
#8419 how to create paid subscription of group subscription? Core defect (bug) closed 01/04/2021
#8423 About the filter: bp_nouveau_current_user_can Core 7.1.0 defect (bug) closed 01/13/2021
#8424 Group forum name does not get updated when group is renamed Groups defect (bug) closed 01/14/2021
#8436 Error from bp-groups-template.php on line 602 Groups 7.1.0 defect (bug) closed 02/16/2021
#8440 BuddyPress Update to 7.2.0 disabling comment ability Templates 7.0.0 defect (bug) closed 03/04/2021
#8441 Register User Activation Emails are not being sent Emails 7.2.0 defect (bug) DJPaul closed 03/09/2021
#8442 bp_activity_add does not appear to fire when blogs in the network publish Activity 7.2.0 defect (bug) closed 03/14/2021
#8446 2nd level comment let whole 1st level thread disappear in group activity Groups 7.2.0 defect (bug) closed 03/23/2021
#8481 WP 5.8 Wigdet Block Editor legacy preview doesn't fire the `init` hook Core defect (bug) closed 06/04/2021
#8491 Wrong label text on settings page regarding enable/disable profile syncing Core 8.0.0 defect (bug) closed 06/21/2021
#8495 Search form not shown when using Storefront theme from WooCommerce Core 8.0.0 defect (bug) closed 06/24/2021
#8535 BP Latest activities widget not shows the private group feed updates even when user logged in, whereas the activity page shows Core defect (bug) closed 07/22/2021
#8573 Removing favorite forum topics does not work. Core 9.1.1 defect (bug) closed 09/19/2021
#8585 "Sorry you are not allowed to access this page." when saving settings in the admincp Core defect (bug) closed 10/09/2021
#7137 Repair tool “Count friends for each user” doesn't scale to 150k users. Administration enhancement closed 06/23/2016
#7378 Investigate using yarn instead of npm Build/Test Tools enhancement closed 12/06/2016
#7498 Activation with BP_SIGNUPS_SKIP_USER_CREATION = true and same email Registration enhancement closed 04/06/2017
#7654 Suggestion of bp_core_get_* functions to the Core component Core enhancement closed 01/10/2018
#7759 Can't return to member list Members 2.9.4 enhancement closed 04/19/2018
#7825 Privacy: Erase/anonymize user content Core enhancement closed 05/11/2018
#7892 Stop bundling BP-Default theme? Templates enhancement closed 06/03/2018
#7974 Pending user does not show up in Users All screen Registration enhancement closed 09/21/2018
#8145 Fixed legacy layout issue in registration page Templates enhancement closed 10/14/2019
#8160 Add filter to activity $main_nav default_subnav_slug Core 5.0.0 enhancement closed 11/10/2019
#8166 Latest activities widget shows activities of ALL public groups Activity 5.0.0 enhancement closed 11/25/2019
#8253 Add missing "a" article in plugin header comment Core enhancement closed 03/01/2020
#8258 Create user_id on $wpdb->signups table Core enhancement closed 03/20/2020
#8267 Storing avatar information into usermeta Core enhancement closed 04/04/2020
#8276 Add action filter to bp-xprofile > screens > edit.php Extended Profile enhancement closed 04/14/2020
#8289 Edit slug “Home” Profile Core enhancement closed 04/30/2020
#8487 Add visibility and required controls to the WordPress profile fields Core 8.0.0 enhancement closed 06/10/2021
#8560 Adding Password Token to BuddyPress Email Tokens Core 9.1.1 enhancement closed 08/30/2021
#8561 Allow Custom Logo in Email Header, and allow Header and Footer to accept HTML Content Core 9.1.1 enhancement closed 08/30/2021
#8562 Push Notifications on Mobile Phone Core 9.1.1 enhancement closed 08/30/2021
#7750 Hiding Activity site-wide also hides it from the component the activity is for Core feature request closed 04/15/2018
#7760 Synchronise Buddypress and most WordPress profile information Core feature request closed 04/20/2018
#7878 BP Nouveau Template Comment Form Hook Templates 3.0.0 feature request closed 05/30/2018
#7879 BP Nouveau Template Comment Form Hook Templates 3.0.0 feature request closed 05/30/2018
#7901 Allow for multiple Members Directories in BP Nouveau Templates feature request closed 06/12/2018
#7922 bp_get_template_part() does not allow movement of /buddypress/ folder Core 3.0.0 feature request closed 07/10/2018
#7967 Add icon/symbol to username/name/surname to verified Buddypress members Members feature request closed 09/15/2018
#8162 Search box should have clear(X) button for the better user experience Templates 3.0.0 feature request closed 11/13/2019
#8406 To slow, little too long before the records come up i activity Activity feature request closed 12/02/2020
#7965 Switch from Travis CI to Circle CI Build/Test Tools task netweb closed 09/09/2018
#7767 user_name on registration without space bar Then need validation Core defect (bug) closed 04/26/2018
#7832 BP Nouveau. The search does not work with non-Latin characters. Core defect (bug) closed 05/15/2018
#7886 wp bp group list command shows hidden group also Core 3.0.0 defect (bug) closed 06/01/2018
#7927 Member Login Form Resets New User Experience 3.0.0 defect (bug) closed 07/13/2018
#7945 Change buddypress permalinks wont work for activity stream Friends defect (bug) closed 08/13/2018
#7950 Activation Page not Working as Child Page Core defect (bug) closed 08/25/2018
#7982 DIrect messaging problem with bp-nouveau Templates 3.0.0 defect (bug) closed 10/04/2018
#8000 Border-radius set to naked/global "div".... why? Core 3.0.0 defect (bug) closed 11/14/2018
#8016 Divi Builder doesn't work with BP (not sure) 3.0.0 defect (bug) closed 12/01/2018
#8017 MySQL 8 : The group component in the "Nouveau" template does not display a list of groups Groups defect (bug) closed 12/02/2018
#8024 Login issues after registration Members 4.1.0 defect (bug) closed 12/07/2018
#8086 Members of hidden groups can't see hiddent groups Groups 4.3.0 defect (bug) closed 04/26/2019
#8218 @mentions don't work on Front-End posts and don't show up on Activity > Mentions Core 5.0.0 defect (bug) closed 01/22/2020
#8241 Browser crash in Mac Safari Activity defect (bug) closed 02/24/2020
#8263 create new group - step 2 results in 404 error Core defect (bug) closed 03/25/2020
#8277 iSSUE with BUDDYPRESS LOGIN WIDGET Core 5.0.0 defect (bug) closed 04/16/2020
#8108 HTML emails with custom STMP plugin - BP core filter request Core 4.3.0 enhancement closed 06/30/2019
#8532 High CPU due to Slow Queries Core 8.0.0 enhancement closed 07/18/2021
#8466 Unable to create groups. 7.3.0 Groups 7.3.0 defect (bug) closed 05/04/2021
#8551 PHP Fatal when enabling friends component Friends defect (bug) closed 08/18/2021
#4 Internationalization efforts 1.0 defect (bug) closed 04/02/2008
#5 Remove depreciated variables and unused global defect (bug) closed 04/03/2008
#6 newest trunk download keeps MU site from loading. defect (bug) closed 04/05/2008
#7 "Home" url adds www. even if it isn't in the main url defect (bug) closed 04/12/2008
#18 Profile not showing multi select or multi check boxes when the user signs up. defect (bug) jbasdf closed 05/07/2008
#20 Need way for user to delete account as well as blog defect (bug) closed 05/16/2008
#26 Script error when composing message defect (bug) closed 06/10/2008
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