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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#5577 xProfile Field Groups rendered in wrong order in User > Profile > View Screen Extended Profile defect (bug) closed 04/23/2014
#5591 Extended Profile Tab for User Profile only visible in Network Admin on Multisite Installs Extended Profile 2.0 defect (bug) closed 04/25/2014
#5592 Can not retrieve a specific activity comment. Activity defect (bug) closed 04/25/2014
#5593 Line Breaks in profile don't appear Members 1.9.2 defect (bug) closed 04/25/2014
#5594 Create Group - Description disappearing Groups 2.0 defect (bug) closed 04/25/2014
#5597 BP_Core_User::get_last_activity() returns incorrect result from cache Core defect (bug) closed 04/28/2014
#5600 WP-Admin: Activity page and 1 post item display Activity defect (bug) closed 04/30/2014
#5602 Mark members menu item as current when one of profile pseudo-pages is active Core 2.0 defect (bug) closed 04/30/2014
#5607 Trying to get property of non-object Core defect (bug) closed 05/02/2014
#5618 Add as friend/PM buttons missing Members defect (bug) closed 05/05/2014
#5636 Duplicate xProfile data when using bp_member_profile_data('field=XX') Extended Profile 2.0 defect (bug) closed 05/12/2014
#5643 Fix search when using activity page as static homepage Core 2.0 defect (bug) closed 05/14/2014
#5650 bp_after_has_profile_parse_args not working correctly Extended Profile defect (bug) closed 05/17/2014
#5655 Translation Problem I18N defect (bug) closed 05/21/2014
#5658 Grunt: Running trunk & bp_loader paths using __DIR__ Core defect (bug) closed 05/23/2014
#5659 When querying users with usermeta, if none are found, `bp_core_get_users` returns all users Members defect (bug) closed 05/23/2014
#5683 Errors on processing group saving in wp-admin area Groups defect (bug) closed 06/04/2014
#5686 Registration page doesn't care of page template Core defect (bug) closed 06/05/2014
#5687 Activity Load more button doesn't work for custom non-components scopes Activity defect (bug) closed 06/05/2014
#5688 Activity Heartbeat doesn't work for custom non-components scopes Activity defect (bug) closed 06/05/2014
#5700 _x defect translations on each component loader I18N 2.0 defect (bug) closed 06/10/2014
#5710 member>profile>edit redirects to groups/1 Core 2.0 defect (bug) closed 06/13/2014
#5712 Message marked as "read" just after being sent Messages 2.0 defect (bug) closed 06/16/2014
#5718 Grunt build-release and https certificate for bbPress svn repo Core 2.0 defect (bug) closed 06/18/2014
#5719 "Undefined index: Name" when Cancelling Friendship Core 2.0 defect (bug) closed 06/18/2014
#5723 bp_notifications_get_unread_notification_count() doesn't work on some pages Core defect (bug) closed 06/21/2014
#5726 When editing a topic I can select a forum from a private group I'm not part of Forums 2.0 defect (bug) closed 06/21/2014
#5728 bp notification Toolbar & Notifications 2.0 defect (bug) closed 06/22/2014
#5729 Codex: Reveal hidden breadcrumbs Sites defect (bug) closed 06/23/2014
#5730 Auto mentioning notification Toolbar & Notifications defect (bug) closed 06/23/2014
#5732 "Settings" Tab Appearance - Template Pack 2.0 defect (bug) closed 06/30/2014
#5752 Nginx error "413 Request Entity Too Large" while trying to upload large (several megabytes) group avatars Media 2.0 defect (bug) closed 07/15/2014
#5754 BP Forum code formatting Forums defect (bug) closed 07/15/2014
#5756 Page <title> not set correctly on member profile pages Members defect (bug) closed 07/16/2014
#5786 Activity Search Results not Displaying comments with matching terms. Activity 2.0 defect (bug) closed 07/29/2014
#5787 Wp user blog meta didn't get updates Blogs 2.0 defect (bug) Ajay Aravind closed 07/30/2014
#5791 Can't reply on posts at Sites defect (bug) closed 08/01/2014
#5793 Ajax drop-down in Activity Stream and Members Directory won't work on mobile? Activity defect (bug) closed 08/04/2014
#5794 PHP Warning for bp_modify_page_title() Core defect (bug) closed 08/04/2014
#5798 Comments to posts or updates not showing except by logged in members Core 2.0 defect (bug) closed 08/07/2014
#5802 Notifications Page Breaks Navigation/Layout for Many Themes Toolbar & Notifications 1.9 defect (bug) closed 08/08/2014
#5818 Signup button on register page is not showing Templates defect (bug) DJPaul closed 08/17/2014
#5823 bp_ajax_querystring('members') does not work with exclude Members 1.2 defect (bug) closed 08/19/2014
#5827 bp_is_user_profile() and bp_is_profile_component() return false on profile subpages Core defect (bug) closed 08/20/2014
#5837 Pagination not working in directory when logged in Appearance - Template Pack 2.0 defect (bug) closed 08/24/2014
#5849 Private messaging sends to multiple users automatically Messages 2.0 defect (bug) closed 09/01/2014
#5861 Slight difference in forum topic freshness time Sites 2.0 defect (bug) closed 09/05/2014
#5864 Forum section of the BuddyPress User Profile Forums defect (bug) closed 09/08/2014
#5866 Translation doesn't apply to... I18N defect (bug) closed 09/08/2014
#5868 Groups Dashboard not populating members. Groups 2.0 defect (bug) closed 09/09/2014
#5870 Activity transforms links to js Activity defect (bug) closed 09/09/2014
#5877 Buddypress Member search option missing after upgrade Templates defect (bug) closed 09/16/2014
#5883 bp_core_new_nav_item does not work with a hyphen in the slug Route Parser 2.0.3 defect (bug) closed 09/17/2014
#5894 Problem after update to ver 2.1 - JQuery Mega menu structure ruinned Templates 2.1 defect (bug) closed 09/22/2014
#5895 bp-default - media screen css error when minifying Templates 2.1 defect (bug) closed 09/22/2014
#5913 Error in BP Default global.js Templates 2.1 defect (bug) closed 09/28/2014
#5919 Xprofile field meta values not deleted with field Extended Profile 2.1 defect (bug) closed 09/30/2014
#5920 Pot file on trac (all versions) I18N defect (bug) closed 10/01/2014
#5930 Private message sending: autocomplete username doesn't match typed letters Core defect (bug) closed 10/08/2014
#5955 not beeing able to submit something in support forums Sites defect (bug) closed 10/15/2014
#5956 Buddypress Sites are not reachable & still open topic to be resolved Core 2.0.3 defect (bug) closed 10/15/2014
#5957 php notice when BP used with "remove dashboard access’ plugin" plugin Core defect (bug) closed 10/22/2014
#5966 Problems in Group Blog Post and Reply Groups 2.1 defect (bug) closed 10/27/2014
#5987 BP_FORUMS_SLUG doesn't work for groups forums Forums defect (bug) closed 11/04/2014
#5989 BP_SEARCH_SLUG is useless? Core defect (bug) closed 11/05/2014
#5992 In `bp_core_load_template()`, save a `locate_template()` call change -- is stopping templates from loading Core 2.1 defect (bug) closed 11/05/2014
#5993 Mentions autosuggest not working on groups home page Activity defect (bug) closed 11/05/2014
#5995 Word press dashboard in loop Administration 2.0.3 defect (bug) closed 11/05/2014
#6016 Header css issues on Sites defect (bug) closed 11/15/2014
#6020 bbpress and buddypress groups - cancel forum and topic subscriptions when group is left by user Forums defect (bug) closed 11/17/2014
#6027 error re uploading pictures in buddypress groups Groups defect (bug) closed 11/18/2014
#6035 Search doesn't work if any BP page has been selected as front page Core defect (bug) closed 11/20/2014
#6036 MySQL Strict Mode Core defect (bug) closed 11/21/2014
#6037 Clicking Activation link does not activate new account. Core defect (bug) closed 11/21/2014
#6042 Inconsistency with single and plural wording for Groups notifications. Core defect (bug) closed 11/25/2014
#6048 JS bug in "delete selected privated messages" (default_theme) Templates 1.2 defect (bug) closed 11/26/2014
#6058 buddypress mentions.js conflict with Activity 2.2.1 defect (bug) closed 12/08/2014
#6067 Group Feeds - RSS are broken Groups 2.1 defect (bug) closed 12/15/2014
#6085 Possible Bug - Notice of Undefined index: position in bp-core-template.php Core 2.1 defect (bug) closed 12/31/2014
#6091 Duplicate xprofile fields when using object cache Extended Profile defect (bug) closed 01/07/2015
#6097 Scrutinizer Core defect (bug) closed 01/08/2015
#6106 Xprofile admin groups desc not stripping slashes Extended Profile defect (bug) closed 01/11/2015
#6108 - 5 of the 7 navigation links are highlighted in all Member Profile pages Sites defect (bug) closed 01/11/2015
#6115 Notice: bp_setup_current_user was called incorrectly Core defect (bug) closed 01/12/2015
#6131 Groups pages not showing Core 2.1 defect (bug) closed 01/17/2015
#6164 remove redundant updating of metadata in groups_create_group() Groups defect (bug) r-a-y closed 01/26/2015
#6166 Profile Group Tabs - UI Brocken in Admin Templates defect (bug) closed 01/28/2015
#6168 BuddyPress Tools displayed on sub-sites in WPMS Administration defect (bug) closed 01/28/2015
#6180 pagination for plugin directory is broken Sites defect (bug) johnjamesjacoby closed 02/02/2015
#6186 "id" definition missing on member index page (styling issue) Templates 2.2 defect (bug) closed 02/04/2015
#6189 Query string in directory URL breaks AJAX pagination Members defect (bug) closed 02/05/2015
#6194 BuddyPress administration not working Administration defect (bug) closed 02/06/2015
#6195 Ajax Activity Update Fails to Post When Akismet Enabled Activity 2.2 defect (bug) boonebgorges closed 02/06/2015
#6196 Wrong users menu settings in backend Administration defect (bug) closed 02/07/2015
#6202 Wrong group forum informations Forums defect (bug) closed 02/09/2015
#6212 messages_add_autocomplete_js() uses deprecated scripts Messages 2.1 defect (bug) closed 02/11/2015
#6217 Subnav items: Optional? Core defect (bug) closed 02/12/2015
#6230 BuddyPress resets their pages to page ID 0 Templates 2.2 defect (bug) closed 02/18/2015
#6231 is_page('header-2') returns true Core 2.2.1 defect (bug) closed 02/18/2015
#6235 Widget labels not selecting inputs when clicked. Core defect (bug) closed 02/19/2015
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