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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#4107 WordPress database error for ”INSERT INTO ( blog_id, meta_key, meta_value ) VALUES” Blogs 1.5.4 defect (bug) closed 03/30/2012
#4111 Using your new update Core defect (bug) closed 04/01/2012
#4112 Update to 1.5 redirects Core defect (bug) closed 04/02/2012
#4120 Topic Creation Bug Core 1.5.4 defect (bug) closed 04/04/2012
#4121 Group forums error Core defect (bug) closed 04/05/2012
#4122 wrong avatar displayed if no thumbnail was generated during avatar upload process Core defect (bug) closed 04/06/2012
#4123 Search doesn't work on Sites defect (bug) closed 04/06/2012
#4135 wp-admin layout - blank spaces and avatar area strange floats Administration 1.5.4 defect (bug) closed 04/09/2012
#4138 Possible BUG - Create new forum topic not functioning with periods in end of title field Forums defect (bug) closed 04/10/2012
#4143 Forums link redirects to the blog home page Core defect (bug) closed 04/11/2012
#4145 Registration new Test user not working Core defect (bug) closed 04/13/2012
#4146 Search function on Support Forum is useless Sites defect (bug) closed 04/13/2012
#4147 Can change other members profile pictures Members 1.5.4 defect (bug) closed 04/14/2012
#4149 Error changing Avatar Sites defect (bug) closed 04/16/2012
#4150 error code 404 on my profile Core defect (bug) closed 04/17/2012
#4151 Default Theme CSS on Subdomain in IE 9 Templates 1.5.4 defect (bug) closed 04/18/2012
#4152 Favorite/Remove Favorite ajax does not report failure Templates defect (bug) closed 04/18/2012
#4153 wp-login "No input file specified" Sites defect (bug) closed 04/19/2012
#4155 bp_has_members filter type=online is not working Members 1.7 defect (bug) HRidaya closed 04/20/2012
#4156 BUG - Incorrect time zones/or time since update? Core 1.5.5 defect (bug) closed 04/20/2012
#4157 Sidebar and Posting Comments Core 1.5.5 defect (bug) Xenoflare closed 04/20/2012
#4166 Activity Automatic deleted From Server Arround Midnight Core 1.5.1 defect (bug) closed 04/24/2012
#4167 report a bug Forums 1.5.5 defect (bug) abbas667@… closed 04/24/2012
#4168 Profile Fields missing after WP update Extended Profile 1.5.5 defect (bug) closed 04/24/2012
#4170 Header reverts to default with Featured Images Core 1.5.5 defect (bug) closed 04/25/2012
#4171 Activation email link missing wp-activate.php Members defect (bug) closed 04/25/2012
#4172 Fatal Error Core defect (bug) closed 04/25/2012
#4173 Site crashed after installing BP Core 1.5.5 defect (bug) closed 04/27/2012
#4175 Upload Failed! Error was: Unable to create directory /avatars/5558301. Is its parent directory writable by the server? Core defect (bug) closed 04/28/2012
#4176 Buddypress media album page CSS not working properly Core 1.5.5 defect (bug) wrowlands@… closed 04/29/2012
#4178 can't see the Register page Core defect (bug) closed 04/30/2012
#4181 Form submit input elements should not use names or ids that conflict with properties of a form, such as submit, length, or method Core 1.5.5 defect (bug) closed 05/01/2012
#4188 Activity pages incorrectly return no results when the previously selected activity filter doesn't exist for the current activity context Activity 1.2 defect (bug) closed 05/05/2012
#4189 Settings tab does not work in the upgrade Core 1.5.5 defect (bug) closed 05/05/2012
#4192 Buddybar Login link ignores wp installation path other that root Toolbar & Notifications 1.5.5 defect (bug) closed 05/07/2012
#4194 Creppy site - impossible to post or search Sites defect (bug) closed 05/07/2012
#4195 functions tied to "init" action do not run Core 1.5.5 defect (bug) closed 05/08/2012
#4196 BuddyPress should filter out keymaster when get_editable_roles() or wp_dropdown_roles() is called Core 1.5.5 defect (bug) closed 05/09/2012
#4197 Number format internationalization Core defect (bug) closed 05/09/2012
#4201 Add missing endif; to members/single/activity.php Templates defect (bug) closed 05/12/2012
#4206 possible bug with shopperpress and buddypress Core 1.5.5 defect (bug) Joe closed 05/15/2012
#4208 Sliding Plugin Not working,,,,? Core 1.5.5 defect (bug) closed 05/16/2012
#4210 Create an account not working Core 1.5.5 defect (bug) Jagesh closed 05/18/2012
#4211 Missing translation Core 1.5.5 defect (bug) closed 05/19/2012
#4213 BP Profile Search not working properly Core 1.5.5 defect (bug) closed 05/21/2012
#4214 no error when wp_crop_image fails to crop the avatar Core defect (bug) closed 05/21/2012
#4217 Display Name doesn´t fit between BP and WP fields. Extended Profile 1.5.5 defect (bug) closed 05/22/2012
#4219 UPDATES/REPLIES/COMMENTS ARE DUPLICATED IN BUDDYPRESS Activity 1.5.5 defect (bug) closed 05/24/2012
#4220 BP Member Role Not Listed Core 1.5.5 defect (bug) closed 05/27/2012
#4229 Member Search oddness. Members 1.5.5 defect (bug) closed 06/01/2012
#4230 Please provide a valid activation key. Core defect (bug) closed 06/01/2012
#4231 private site in site tracking Core 1.5.5 defect (bug) closed 06/03/2012
#4234 Search function on not working Core defect (bug) closed 06/03/2012
#4235 Member count (Version 1.6-bleeding) Core defect (bug) closed 06/03/2012
#4236 Buddy Press default theme logic breaks when plugin folder is relocated Templates 1.5.5 defect (bug) closed 06/04/2012
#4244 Strange Issues with BuddyPress Template Pack Appearance - Template Pack 1.5.5 defect (bug) closed 06/09/2012
#4251 Slow queries on Activity Stream during peak times on site. Core 1.5.5 defect (bug) closed 06/12/2012
#4252 Avatars are (erroneously) stored locally when running BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG Core defect (bug) closed 06/12/2012
#4254 Profile field tabs are not flush with the tab box Core 1.5 defect (bug) closed 06/13/2012
#4257 "Enable discussion forum" not updating on save Forums defect (bug) closed 06/14/2012
#4260 Avatars since WordPress 3.4 Core defect (bug) closed 06/14/2012
#4262 Cannot post anything in support forums. Core defect (bug) closed 06/15/2012
#4264 Activity Item duplicated when posting new update and clicking ’Load More’ Activity defect (bug) closed 06/15/2012
#4266 WP Profile Syncing Core defect (bug) closed 06/16/2012
#4267 PHP 5.4 warning with BP 1.6 - Creating default object from empty value Core 1.5.5 defect (bug) closed 06/16/2012
#4268 errors and fatal errors on fresh install Core defect (bug) closed 06/16/2012
#4270 WordPress › Support » How-To and Troubleshooting Seeing "Page Not Found" on Activity, Members, Groups in Wp with Buddypress Route Parser defect (bug) ganesh closed 06/18/2012
#4272 Redefining BP_PLUGIN_DIR will break update plugin notification Core defect (bug) closed 06/18/2012
#4277 Error when isntalling on XAMPP Core 1.5.6 defect (bug) closed 06/19/2012
#4282 Lost Add post and page toolbar functionality and menu roll overs with WP 3.4 upgrade Core 1.5.6 defect (bug) Chris Alemany closed 06/20/2012
#4283 Pagination broken in plugin search Sites defect (bug) closed 06/21/2012
#4285 Not all correct information showing up in Activity Streams Core 1.5.6 defect (bug) closed 06/21/2012
#4286 problem with browsing the plugin page Core defect (bug) closed 06/21/2012
#4289 1.6.1 - Avatar updated - size in Activity Stream Activity 1.6 defect (bug) closed 06/21/2012
#4290 Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error Core 1.6 defect (bug) closed 06/22/2012
#4291 text box and some text in multi-line text box as url links Extended Profile 1.5.6 defect (bug) closed 06/22/2012
#4293 member page not showing activity Sites 1.5.6 defect (bug) closed 06/23/2012
#4298 problem with the plugins page Website defect (bug) closed 06/25/2012
#4307 Pagination Bug Sites defect (bug) closed 06/28/2012
#4308 User profiles can not be opened when Members Directory is set as sub page. Members 1.5.6 defect (bug) closed 06/28/2012
#4309 Deactivating BuddyPress while bp-default is active does not switch theme Core 1.5 defect (bug) closed 06/28/2012
#4312 Activity Settings for Blog & Forum Comments and behavior in front are opposite. Activity 1.6 defect (bug) closed 06/29/2012
#4313 1.6 beta 1 doesn't show the admin bar for logged out users Core 1.6 defect (bug) closed 06/29/2012
#4318 fatal error in secondary sites dashboards on multisite local install Core 1.5.6 defect (bug) closed 06/30/2012
#4320 Changes to Profile fields visibility don’t seem to be sticking Core 1.6 defect (bug) closed 07/01/2012
#4323 php errors in php5.4 Core 1.6 defect (bug) closed 07/03/2012
#4324 Private message sent durations are incorrect after first sending. Messages 1.5.6 defect (bug) LukeJJones closed 07/04/2012
#4327 My Favorites Count Bug Activity 1.5.6 defect (bug) closed 07/05/2012
#4330 theme enable and comment problems Core 1.5.6 defect (bug) closed 07/06/2012
#4331 Author's Name in Activity Action does not change upon changing the name from settings Activity 1.5.6 defect (bug) closed 07/06/2012
#4334 Reactivating the Groups component in BP Settings creates PHP Fatal error Activity 1.6 defect (bug) closed 07/08/2012
#4336 0 appears in activity Core 1.5.6 defect (bug) closed 07/09/2012
#4338 Deleting user, messages still exists Messages 1.6 defect (bug) closed 07/10/2012
#4342 Register and Activate disappear when they should not after new install Core 1.5.6 defect (bug) closed 07/11/2012
#4343 BuddyPress Activity Component repeat entry after replying on favorites page Activity 1.5.6 defect (bug) closed 07/11/2012
#4345 Certain BuddyPress Member Profile Data Getting Randomly Hyperlinked Extended Profile 1.5.6 defect (bug) closed 07/11/2012
#4352 Better Positioning and Access to New Topics in Groups Section Templates 1.5.6 defect (bug) closed 07/13/2012
#4353 Ads Manager WP/BB Core defect (bug) closed 07/14/2012
#4356 Header disappears on single post pages (default BP installation) Templates 1.5.6 defect (bug) closed 07/16/2012
#4369 Buddy Press Functions returning blank Core 1.5.6 defect (bug) closed 07/21/2012
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