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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#6731 search as page/post slug redirects to home Core 2.2 Awaiting Contributions defect (bug) new 11/12/2015
#8356 swap the order to the two filters bp_core_avatar_folder_url and bp_core_avatar_folder_dir in bp_core_fetch_avatar Core Awaiting Contributions defect (bug) new 09/05/2020
#5443 wp-admin xprofile new/edit field screen doesn't work on mobile Administration Awaiting Contributions defect (bug) new 03/03/2014
#5800 wp_title filter can break BP's pages' titles Templates Awaiting Contributions defect (bug) new 08/08/2014
#7304 xProfile Group field Extended Profile 2.7 defect (bug) new 10/25/2016
#7287 xProfile multi select box output: Include option IDs Extended Profile Awaiting Contributions defect (bug) new 10/14/2016
#4911 xprofile admin validate, wrong validate Extended Profile 1.6.4 Awaiting Contributions defect (bug) new 04/03/2013
#8186 xprofile field type display_filter method should provide more data Core 5.0.0 Awaiting Review enhancement new 12/26/2019
#6413 xprofile fielddata visibility should be stored in xprofilemeta Extended Profile Awaiting Contributions defect (bug) boonebgorges assigned 05/02/2015
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