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#8466 Unable to create groups. 7.3.0 Groups closed worksforme 7.3.0 defect (bug) highest 05/06/2021
#8481 WP 5.8 Wigdet Block Editor legacy preview doesn't fire the `init` hook Core closed fixed defect (bug) normal 07/01/2021
#8491 Wrong label text on settings page regarding enable/disable profile syncing Core closed wontfix 8.0.0 defect (bug) normal 06/28/2021
#8495 Search form not shown when using Storefront theme from WooCommerce Core closed worksforme 8.0.0 defect (bug) normal 09/05/2021
#8532 High CPU due to Slow Queries Core closed maybelater 8.0.0 enhancement high 07/18/2021
#8535 BP Latest activities widget not shows the private group feed updates even when user logged in, whereas the activity page shows Core closed wontfix defect (bug) normal 09/18/2021
#8549 Missing Hook in Settings Tab Groups closed worksforme 3.0.0 feature request low imath 08/17/2021
#8551 PHP Fatal when enabling friends component Friends closed wontfix defect (bug) highest 10/10/2021
#8560 Adding Password Token to BuddyPress Email Tokens Core closed wontfix 9.1.1 enhancement normal 09/05/2021
#8561 Allow Custom Logo in Email Header, and allow Header and Footer to accept HTML Content Core reopened 9.1.1 enhancement normal 12/24/2023
#8562 Push Notifications on Mobile Phone Core closed maybelater 9.1.1 enhancement normal 10/09/2021
#8570 On Multisite Environment, Users Also Created and Showing on the Main Site. Is it normal? Registration reopened 3.0.0 defect (bug) normal 09/21/2021
#8573 Removing favorite forum topics does not work. Core closed wontfix 9.1.1 defect (bug) normal 09/19/2021
#8585 "Sorry you are not allowed to access this page." when saving settings in the admincp Core closed worksforme defect (bug) normal 12/01/2021
#8603 Upcoming WordPress default theme "Twenty Twenty-Two" not supported Groups closed worksforme 9.1.1 defect (bug) high 12/08/2021
#8606 Profile Picture Upload not working Members closed worksforme 9.1.1 defect (bug) normal 11/26/2022
#8626 Logging in when Core closed worksforme defect (bug) high 01/29/2022
#8634 please solve this problem of mine Build/Test Tools closed fixed 8.0.0 defect (bug) normal netweb 01/03/2023
#8644 Add login/logout link. Navigation closed worksforme 10.1.0 enhancement normal 07/31/2023
#8651 Right side white space is coming in buddypress site in mobile and tablet size Sites new 10.1.0 defect (bug) normal johnjamesjacoby 03/14/2022
#8672 Content is overflow in responsive Sites closed reported-upstream defect (bug) normal johnjamesjacoby 04/01/2022
#8674 [10.2.0] Bug in bd-activity-comment-notifier/core/functions.php:139-150 Activity closed worksforme 10.2.0 defect (bug) normal 04/13/2022
#8685 Minified js and css not available Core closed worksforme 10.0.0 defect (bug) normal 04/22/2022
#8694 WordPress 6.0 change in WP_User_Query causes BuddyPress PHP Notice and maybe other side effects. Members closed reported-upstream defect (bug) normal 05/10/2022
#8700 In mobile size, the alignment of the image in the content of the page is not perfect. Groups reopened defect (bug) normal 11/27/2023
#8711 Activity Page doesn't work with Buddypress Neuveau template pack Core closed worksforme 10.3.0 defect (bug) high 06/22/2022
#8732 Member-type-specific XProfile fields override 'exclude_fields' parameter in `bp_has_profile()` stack Extended Profile closed worksforme defect (bug) normal 09/08/2022
#8743 xprofile_set_field_data it's not working on "Date selector" Core closed worksforme defect (bug) normal 10/19/2022
#8752 Member List Fails to Display When Adminstering Group Groups closed worksforme 10.4.0 defect (bug) normal imath 10/10/2022
#8788 Miscellaneous enhacements Core closed maybelater enhancement normal espellcaste 02/15/2023
#8793 Register page not redirecting correctly Registration closed worksforme defect (bug) normal 01/11/2023
#8835 Activation Email Throws Error Registration closed worksforme 11.0.0 defect (bug) normal 02/13/2023
#8853 Bug in filters for 2 entity (class-bp-invitation.php , class-bp-notifications-notification.php) (not sure) closed fixed defect (bug) low 03/15/2023
#8913 Check PHPcs Coding standard Build/Test Tools closed maybelater defect (bug) normal espellcaste 02/23/2024
#8982 Friendship requests via API REST API closed fixed enhancement normal 03/20/2024
#8991 Group Invites is not working on buddypress 12.0.0 beta version. Groups closed worksforme defect (bug) normal 09/08/2023
#8992 Hover Element is Visible Even the Mouse is Out Core closed maybelater defect (bug) normal 10/03/2023
#9005 PHP Warning: Undefined variable $max Blogs new defect (bug) normal 10/13/2023
#9022 Link to user's send invites page New User Experience new defect (bug) normal 11/11/2023
#9036 WordPress Plugin Details Changelog Has Incorrect URL I18N closed worksforme 12.0.0 defect (bug) normal slaFFik 12/15/2023
#9045 Some Widgets Dissapear on BuddyPress 12 Core closed worksforme 12.0.0 defect (bug) normal 12/18/2023
#9055 BuddyPress state is not set during ajax call request Core closed worksforme 12.0.0 defect (bug) normal 01/02/2024
#9064 [Bug Report] issue with bbPress Integration (Forum Tab) Forums closed wontfix 12.0.0 defect (bug) normal johnjamesjacoby 01/10/2024
#9083 Bug Report - Error with BP Classic Plugin (Version 1.2.0) Core closed worksforme 12.1.1 defect (bug) normal 01/27/2024
#9087 BP attachements Core closed reported-upstream defect (bug) normal 02/05/2024
#9103 Forum Link in Group-Nav even when enable_forum=false Groups closed reported-upstream 12.2.0 defect (bug) normal 02/20/2024
#9134 COMMA IS BREAKING THE FORUM Core closed fixed 12.4.0 defect (bug) normal 04/13/2024
#4 Internationalization efforts closed duplicate 1.0 defect (bug) major 10/27/2008
#5 Remove depreciated variables and unused global closed fixed defect (bug) major 04/08/2008
#6 newest trunk download keeps MU site from loading. closed fixed defect (bug) critical 04/08/2008
#7 "Home" url adds www. even if it isn't in the main url closed fixed defect (bug) major 04/21/2008
#12 Possible Enhancements to XProfile Extended Profile closed maybelater enhancement minor johnjamesjacoby 02/08/2018
#17 Find Friends basd on tags Friends closed wontfix enhancement minor 05/24/2016
#18 Profile not showing multi select or multi check boxes when the user signs up. closed fixed defect (bug) major jbasdf 05/24/2016
#19 Reordering xprofile fields does not work closed fixed enhancement major apeatling 05/24/2016
#20 Need way for user to delete account as well as blog closed fixed defect (bug) minor 05/24/2016
#26 Script error when composing message closed fixed defect (bug) minor 05/24/2016
#27 Two issues about the current conversational Message design closed fixed enhancement minor apeatling 05/24/2016
#28 One comparison expression issue in bp-xprofile-avatars.php closed no action required defect (bug) minor 05/24/2016
#29 Set blogname to user's "Firstname Lastname" when update Profile closed no action required enhancement major 05/24/2016
#34 Avatar upload issue closed fixed defect (bug) major 11/18/2014
#36 Incorrect Date on Friend Request closed fixed defect (bug) minor apeatling 09/10/2008
#37 Friendship Request PHP Error closed fixed defect (bug) major 07/18/2008
#38 Incorrect URLs closed fixed defect (bug) major 07/21/2008
#41 Multiple Friend Requests from Same Person closed fixed defect (bug) minor 07/18/2008
#45 Basic Profile Save Issue closed worksforme defect (bug) major 09/10/2008
#47 Plugins not installing tables on fresh installation closed fixed defect (bug) major 09/10/2008
#48 Messages Plugin not using $bp in r252 - messages_add_admin_menu() closed fixed defect (bug) major 08/13/2008
#50 Error Trying to Save Basic Profile closed fixed defect (bug) major apeatling 08/15/2008
#52 Backend admin security issues closed fixed defect (bug) major 09/10/2008
#54 Other WordPress News Boxes to large closed fixed defect (bug) major 09/10/2008
#55 Unable to use many modules outside of BuddyPress theme closed fixed enhancement minor apeatling 09/10/2008
#56 There was an error saving the group. Please try again. You have no groups closed worksforme defect (bug) major 09/10/2008
#57 Front end profile links broken closed worksforme defect (bug) major apeatling 09/16/2008
#59 Extra underscore: bp_core__blog_switcher( line 270 of bp-core.php closed fixed 2.0 defect (bug) major 08/22/2008
#61 BuddyPress Settings - changes not being saved closed no action required 2.0 defect (bug) major 09/10/2008
#62 Theme Issues closed no action required defect (bug) minor 09/16/2008
#63 Viewing groups when on Friends page (strange) closed fixed defect (bug) minor 09/16/2008
#64 Installing Buddypress theme causes error closed worksforme 2.0 defect (bug) major 09/16/2008
#65 Creating a blog sets incorrect URL closed fixed defect (bug) major apeatling 09/10/2008
#66 Remove users group memberships on account delete closed fixed defect (bug) major apeatling 10/10/2008
#67 cannot use any plugin&themes of buddypress in WPMU2.6 closed worksforme defect (bug) major 09/10/2008
#68 Fake profile link in backend with bp svn312 closed no action required defect (bug) minor 11/21/2008
#69 Existing blogs not taken in my home base closed fixed defect (bug) major 09/11/2008
#70 $home_base_id blank in get_blog_option() call closed fixed defect (bug) major 10/10/2008
#71 Create blog screen not checking for existing subdomain/dir closed fixed defect (bug) major 09/16/2008
#72 bp_core_get_avatar() height bug closed fixed defect (bug) minor 09/13/2008
#77 Duplicate content problem with profile closed no action required enhancement minor 10/10/2008
#78 Quick blog post option Blogs closed wontfix enhancement minor 07/31/2016
#82 Approved comments showing on post authors activity stream closed fixed defect (bug) major 12/05/2008
#84 Deletion of Items From Activity Feed closed fixed 1.0 enhancement major apeatling 11/25/2009
#86 Home Base Can't Be Created In Certain Cases closed no action required defect (bug) major apeatling 10/28/2008
#88 Activity Feed Check closed fixed defect (bug) major apeatling 10/10/2008
#89 Not Listing All Blogs closed fixed defect (bug) critical apeatling 11/16/2008
#90 Pagination For Activity Feed closed no action required enhancement minor apeatling 12/12/2009
#91 Need A Check To Load Blogs closed fixed defect (bug) major apeatling 11/21/2008
#92 Wrong Activity If HomeBase Doesn't Exist closed no action required defect (bug) critical apeatling 10/28/2008
#93 Activity Warning closed fixed defect (bug) major 12/05/2008
#94 Password protected post openly shows under Users Activity closed worksforme 2.0 defect (bug) major 02/02/2009
#96 Wire delete doesn't work with activity closed no action required enhancement minor apeatling 01/21/2010
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