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#7555 BuddyPress Canonical Redirects and Trailing Slashes Core new 1.5 defect (bug) normal 01/31/2018
#7559 Make @mention like Facebook Settings new feature request normal 08/28/2017
#7590 Sometimes getting Notice: Uninitialized string offset: -1 while inserting activity Activity new defect (bug) normal 02/07/2018
#7624 Nouveau - Replace font icons with SVGs Templates new enhancement normal 11/15/2017
#7631 Values in autolinked profile fields have characters improperly encoded for display Extended Profile new defect (bug) normal 11/29/2017
#7633 Activity stream comments and reply display order. Activity reopened 2.9.0 enhancement normal 12/06/2017
#7636 Cover image orphaned when user is deleted Media new 2.9.2 defect (bug) normal 12/06/2017
#7639 Reopening #4706: Infinite Redirect Loop when BP_GROUPS_DEFAULT_EXTENSION is changed on Private groups Groups new 2.9.2 defect (bug) normal 01/02/2018
#7645 gravatar parameters esc_url() function breaks the html formatting. Media new defect (bug) normal 01/10/2018
#7647 Group membership events need "after" actions Groups new defect (bug) normal 12/22/2017
#7648 Autolinking Checkboxes Extended Profile new 2.9.2 enhancement normal 12/21/2017
#7658 User is de-authenticated when making REST API request Core new defect (bug) normal 02/28/2018
#7660 .webp files not properly handled Media new 2.9.2 defect (bug) normal 01/24/2018
#7672 Moved shared template pack assets into new folder Templates reopened enhancement normal djpaul 08/24/2018
#7695 Move widget markup to theme templates Templates new enhancement normal 02/28/2018
#7696 Widget markup should not have hardcoded `id` param Core new defect (bug) normal 02/19/2018
#7701 Add archive functionality to Private Messages Messages new feature request normal 02/22/2018
#7727 BP-Nouveau: Provide success/error feedback for screen reader users Templates assigned defect (bug) normal mercime 03/27/2018
#7734 BP-Nouveau Group Creation Previous-Next navigation: Links vs Buttons Templates new defect (bug) normal 10/26/2018
#7736 bp_get_groups_slug filter and Profile screen Route Parser new 1.5 defect (bug) normal 08/02/2018
#7740 Adding links to BP messages results in incorrect href being added Messages new defect (bug) normal 06/29/2018
#7742 bp_has_members( bp_ajax_querystring( 'members' ) Core new defect (bug) normal 04/26/2018
#7743 Add crop feature for profile and group cover images Media new enhancement normal 09/25/2019
#7746 Update bp_get_group_join_button() to use new capabilities. Groups assigned 2.9.4 enhancement normal 04/12/2018
#7775 Move BP_Nouveau_Object_Nav_Widget widget into its own dedicated file Templates new enhancement normal 05/01/2018
#7793 Manage Activity contexts in a more declarative way in bp.Nouveau.Activity Templates new defect (bug) normal 05/03/2018
#7816 Search retrieves users with field visibility adminsonly for non-admins Core new defect (bug) normal 10/26/2018
#7829 Recent networkwide posts widget's link to sites directory is borked Blogs new defect (bug) normal 05/13/2018
#7841 Integrate Xprofile Custom Fields into core Extended Profile new enhancement normal 08/24/2018
#7867 Privacy: Default email notification preferences Core new defect (bug) normal 10/20/2018
#7874 BP Pages hidden from menu options once selected as BP pages Administration new enhancement normal slaFFik 08/24/2018
#7877 Tax query support for group queries Groups new defect (bug) normal 11/23/2018
#7891 Need a filter for restricting activity comment/replies query Activity new 3.0.0 enhancement normal 06/19/2018
#7897 Nouveau - Can't post on Activity Directory page Templates reopened 3.0.0 defect (bug) normal imath 06/03/2021
#7898 Allow site admin to use the registration page Registration new enhancement normal 08/24/2018
#7904 Akismet cleanup cron job should not be scheduled on secondary sites Activity new defect (bug) normal 10/26/2018
#7912 Add the email Lost Your Password and Password Change Notice in Admin Email List Emails new 3.0.0 enhancement normal DJPaul 08/24/2018
#7914 Possibilities of duplicate activation_key. Registration new 3.0.0 enhancement normal 11/23/2018
#7915 Nouveau - Some Customizer options get overridden Templates new 3.0.0 defect (bug) normal 11/23/2018
#7918 Filter for bp_nouveau_get_filter_options to change dropdown options Templates new 3.0.0 defect (bug) normal 10/26/2018
#7938 Using the same activation key results in wrong "Invalid activation key" error Members new defect (bug) normal 04/28/2020
#7939 Support "Take Photo" webcam functionality in mobile browsers Core new defect (bug) normal 08/03/2018
#7943 Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array bp_core_avatar_handle_upload line 923 Media new defect (bug) normal 11/23/2018
#7946 BP-specific hook at the end of the site creation process Blogs new enhancement normal 08/17/2018
#7948 HTML sanitization for user-generated content in notification emails Emails new enhancement normal DJPaul 11/23/2018
#7953 Activity Scheduling Activity new feature request normal 04/15/2021
#7957 Support tickets page looks messy on mobile Sites new defect (bug) normal johnjamesjacoby 11/23/2018
#7964 The ability to add a BuddyPress avatar and drop down menu via WordPress menus New User Experience new enhancement normal 10/05/2018
#7987 Buttons are not aligned Core new 3.0.0 enhancement normal 11/23/2018
#7990 Theme recognizes only buddypress.min.css but not buddypress.css Sites new 3.0.0 defect (bug) normal johnjamesjacoby 12/07/2018
#7991 Automatic deleting old avatar & cover images Core new 3.0.0 enhancement normal 11/23/2018
#8019 For site admin Delete account page is not visible. Members new 1.0 defect (bug) normal 12/04/2018
#8021 BP Legacy - Export Data page - Erase Data section missing Templates new 4.0.0 defect (bug) normal 12/05/2018
#8047 Some profile fields create empty links Extended Profile new 4.1.0 defect (bug) normal 02/19/2019
#8052 Suggestion for Activity Stream - link to Post Blogs new 4.1.0 enhancement normal 03/01/2019
#8055 User uploads (avatars, cover images) are site-specific on BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG Members new 4.1.0 feature request normal 09/27/2019
#8074 User data exports should include information about xprofile field group Extended Profile new 4.0.0 enhancement normal 03/25/2019
#8078 BuddyPress / Yoast conflict Core new defect (bug) normal 05/26/2019
#8081 BuddyPress breaks disabling notification for new users Members new 1.2.2 defect (bug) normal 06/30/2019
#8084 Bug report regarding notification system :) Blogs new defect (bug) normal 04/24/2019
#8093 Field Visibility Not Honored in PHP 7.1 & above Extended Profile new 4.3.0 defect (bug) normal 07/22/2021
#8095 Back to previous page Templates new 4.3.0 defect (bug) normal 04/17/2021
#8103 BP-Legacy needs a companion stylesheet for Twenty Nineteen Templates new defect (bug) normal 09/16/2019
#8104 add filter in bp_send_email to allow html email in wp_mail call Emails new 4.3.0 enhancement normal DJPaul 07/02/2019
#8319 Block based Activity post form Activity assigned enhancement normal imath 04/15/2021
#8348 Enhance the bp_activity table design by adding site_id Activity new 6.2.0 feature request normal 03/30/2021
#8349 Add appropriate buddypress objects to the wp sitemap Core new enhancement normal 10/06/2020
#8356 swap the order to the two filters bp_core_avatar_folder_url and bp_core_avatar_folder_dir in bp_core_fetch_avatar Core new defect (bug) normal 09/08/2020
#8429 Fire a hook when non-BP page is detected Core new 7.1.0 enhancement normal 04/27/2021
#8445 BP Invitations: Add some joins to the user table to improve searching/reordering of invitations. Core assigned 7.2.0 enhancement normal 03/18/2021
#8460 Online interval should be filterable Core new enhancement normal 04/21/2021
#3732 Moderation, blacklisting, and flooding Activity reopened 1.6 enhancement high johnjamesjacoby 06/04/2017
#4954 Migrate BP's custom URI parser to use WP's Rewrite API Route Parser reopened enhancement high johnjamesjacoby 04/14/2021
#5468 Removing user on multisite site still shows user Core new defect (bug) high 04/28/2014
#6123 "Signups" are displayed as members on non multisite configs Members new defect (bug) high 05/09/2015
#6156 bp_is_user_deleted() incorrectly checks user_status === 2 Members new defect (bug) high 05/09/2015
#6668 Better compatibility when using 'BP_ENABLE_USERNAME_COMPATIBILITY_MODE' and UTF-8 Core reopened 1.1 defect (bug) high 06/18/2016
#6731 search as page/post slug redirects to home Core new 2.2 defect (bug) high 01/25/2017
#6808 Group Invites Option persists even though disabled friending removes invites tab Friends new 2.4.0 defect (bug) high 01/12/2016
#6841 Framework for bulk data handling after updates New User Experience new enhancement high 04/12/2017
#6885 bp_has_custom_signup_page() & bp_has_custom_activation_page() are always true Core new defect (bug) high 01/25/2017
#6984 Change Avatar – Image is “cut off” on the right side Media new 2.5.0 defect (bug) high 06/18/2016
#7278 No content when defining another default tab for profile settings Members new defect (bug) high 08/25/2017
#7473 Extended Profile edit should honour WP's "edit_users" capability Extended Profile new enhancement high 03/21/2017
#8022 Attachments for Buddypress Media assigned defect (bug) high imath 04/15/2021
#8053 Rotation of Profile Picture Functionality Core new feature request high 02/23/2019
#8467 Plugin buddypress is not compatibalbe Elemontor Core new enhancement high 05/12/2021
#5608 Improve "Blog Comments" activity filter Activity new 2.0 defect (bug) highest 01/27/2015
#8169 Password Reset issue Core reopened 5.0.0 defect (bug) highest 11/29/2019
#8275 Notification don't go away Extended Profile assigned 5.0.0 defect (bug) highest 04/13/2020
#7159 Add shortcode rendering of template parts Templates new feature request strategic 02/19/2018
#7160 Admin UI options for all template features Administration new feature request strategic 07/02/2016
#7161 More granular Component activation choices Administration new feature request strategic 07/02/2016
#7163 Display blog posts on author's BP profile, and redirect author permalinks. Blogs new feature request strategic 07/02/2016
#7164 Add @mentions notifications for Groups. Toolbar & Notifications new feature request strategic 07/01/2016
#7165 Add #hashtag auto-suggest Toolbar & Notifications new feature request strategic 07/01/2016
#7167 Notification auto-matchers Toolbar & Notifications new feature request strategic 07/01/2016
#7168 Central place to manage all notifications and delivery preferences Toolbar & Notifications new feature request strategic 08/17/2016
#408 User Activity Import/Export Function Activity new 1.0 enhancement major 05/30/2020
#1475 bp_get_total_unread_messages_count() Messages new enhancement trivial 07/27/2021
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