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#4360 Spamming a user doesn't remove blog metadata Blogs new defect (bug) normal 07/18/2012
#4383 Activity Stream doesn't work on sub blogs if bp_enable_multiblog is enabled unless page is "none" Activity new 1.6 defect (bug) normal 12/01/2012
#4407 Nesting a component page produces unexpected results Core new 1.5 defect (bug) normal 01/25/2017
#4458 Activity update deletion and the "Are you sure" dialog box Activity reopened defect (bug) normal 06/03/2017
#4590 filter select options out of sync with parent tab Core new 1.7 defect (bug) normal 06/18/2016
#4599 Changes to bp_core_load_template (by hackday) Core new defect (bug) normal 12/21/2012
#4627 bp_core_fetch_avatar html pref checking should use !empty (again) Core new defect (bug) normal 05/08/2023
#4740 Activity comments missing from group feed Activity new 1.2 enhancement normal 01/25/2017
#4769 Favourite button for activity comments Activity new enhancement normal 01/25/2017
#4784 Site Page Comments Don't Reach Activity Activity reopened defect (bug) normal djpaul 01/05/2018
#4809 broken logic in bp_core_wpsignup_redirect causes redirect loop to register page Members new 1.6.2 defect (bug) normal 06/13/2013
#4822 Login redirects to https when FORCE_ADMIN_SSL enabled Core new 1.7 defect (bug) normal 05/06/2013
#4831 BP bases site data/activity entries on WP search engine instructions Blogs new defect (bug) normal 05/06/2023
#4875 @mention notifications NOT being sent if @mention falls out of excerpt limit in forum posts. Toolbar & Notifications assigned 1.6.4 defect (bug) normal 01/21/2014
#4911 xprofile admin validate, wrong validate Extended Profile new 1.6.4 defect (bug) normal 06/24/2016
#4965 Deprecate usage of BP_AVATAR_URL and BP_AVATAR_UPLOAD_PATH constants Core new 1.2 defect (bug) normal 06/24/2016
#4991 manage_options capability required for non-super admin xprofile editing Extended Profile new 1.7 defect (bug) normal 08/10/2015
#4996 Problematic custom activity slug Core new 1.7 defect (bug) normal 06/04/2017
#5021 Shortcode contents don't display in non-standard BP 1.7 themes Core new 1.7 defect (bug) normal 08/10/2015
#5055 BP_Messages_Message::send(): Avoid new thread_id via SELECT MAX()/INSERT Messages new 1.2 defect (bug) normal 06/26/2013
#5161 Can't upload an Avatar - getting a "Can't find editor" error Media new 1.8.1 defect (bug) normal 06/18/2016
#5179 Next page in profile's forum page leads nowhere Sites new 1.8.1 defect (bug) normal 07/25/2016
#5198 WP menu current-menu-item class and BP components Route Parser new 1.8.1 defect (bug) normal 12/09/2013
#5338 Loading of more activity items by the activity stream's 'Load More' button Activity new 1.9.1 defect (bug) normal 04/28/2014
#5360 Template hierarchy file names Codex guide? Core new enhancement normal 01/25/2017
#5367 WP Admin BuddyPress profile when BuddyPress is not network activated Administration new defect (bug) normal 09/06/2015
#5373 Removing requirement of Name profile field during registration Core new 1.9.1 enhancement normal 08/28/2017
#5443 wp-admin xprofile new/edit field screen doesn't work on mobile Administration new defect (bug) normal 11/22/2014
#5504 BuddyPress, in some cases, marks some notifications as read without the user has read them Toolbar & Notifications assigned defect (bug) normal imath 10/27/2015
#5565 BuddyPress 2.0 + P2 = broken mentions and notifications Activity new 2.0 defect (bug) normal 06/04/2021
#5583 Simplify registration Registration new enhancement normal 07/27/2017
#5630 Enable BP_XProfile_Field_Type classes to register display filter Extended Profile reopened defect (bug) normal boonebgorges 12/23/2014
#5664 BP setup routine can run erroneously Core new defect (bug) normal 06/13/2014
#5715 Profile image placeholders Extended Profile new enhancement normal 01/17/2018
#5717 Default thumb avatar is not used when called via (any function that utilizes) bp_core_fetch_avatar() Core new 1.2 defect (bug) normal 01/25/2017
#5722 Theme compat does not recognize single member page if no subnav item is registered Core new defect (bug) normal 05/15/2023
#5774 Groups no-count Groups new 2.0 defect (bug) normal 07/27/2014
#5799 Bring profile fields back into template parts Extended Profile new 2.0 enhancement normal 05/01/2018
#5800 wp_title filter can break BP's pages' titles Templates new defect (bug) normal 06/18/2016
#5865 URI parsing fails for encoded url slugs. Core assigned defect (bug) normal 11/21/2014
#5869 Users with 'bp_moderate' capability required to also have 'manage_options' capability Core new 1.6 defect (bug) normal 06/18/2016
#5874 BP_Groups_Group::get() returns incorrect results when using meta_query with multiple meta_values and OR relationship Groups new defect (bug) normal 09/21/2016
#5922 Private Message Sent-to dropdown broken Messages new 2.1 defect (bug) normal 01/15/2015
#5923 Can't change size of group thumbnail since 2.1 version Media new defect (bug) normal 06/18/2016
#5977 Cannot see/activate/delete pending accounts when BuddyPress is activated on a subsite of a multisite installation Members new 2.1 defect (bug) normal 12/09/2015
#5991 Activation links don't use BP_ACTIVATION_SLUG Registration new defect (bug) normal 01/25/2017
#6011 Groups: When friends component is disabled, group invites do not work Groups new 1.7 defect (bug) normal 11/16/2016
#6053 Links in Group Description should be nofollow'd Groups new defect (bug) normal 07/23/2016
#6059 BP_Activity_Activity:get() doesn't respect 'max' parameter Activity new defect (bug) normal 06/04/2017
#6068 Use standard event names instead of "bp_before_registration_submit_buttons" to make registration work with plugins Core new defect (bug) normal 12/15/2014
#6071 XProfile superfield Extended Profile reopened enhancement normal 04/15/2021
#6076 Name or other required profile fields can be whitespace Extended Profile new 2.1 defect (bug) normal 12/23/2014
#6084 Single page template routing is inelegant Core new defect (bug) normal 08/10/2015
#6094 Support custom group statuses Groups new 2.1 enhancement normal 11/12/2019
#6095 Define behavior for group status Groups new 2.1 enhancement normal 05/14/2020
#6101 Comment on Images not showing in the Activity stream Core new 2.1 defect (bug) normal 05/09/2015
#6130 Default (Last active) sorting doesn't show some members Core new defect (bug) normal 04/16/2021
#6144 Registering an account with a login containing a space Members assigned 2.0 defect (bug) normal r-a-y 10/05/2018
#6148 Default "Profile" page Core reopened enhancement normal 02/03/2021
#6155 bp_core_get_active_member_count() multisite query does not exclude 'spam' status Members new defect (bug) normal 05/09/2015
#6161 Group Bulk Edit Groups accepted enhancement normal dcavins 05/09/2017
#6167 Activity stream commenting on WP post appears to bypass WP comment settings Core new defect (bug) normal 05/07/2015
#6173 'Members' menu selected when current page user profile page Core accepted 2.1 defect (bug) normal johnjamesjacoby 08/10/2015
#6175 "Profile Fields" admin page requires 'manage_options' capability Core new 1.6 defect (bug) normal 06/18/2016
#6179 notification count doesn't match on admin bar Toolbar & Notifications accepted enhancement normal johnjamesjacoby 01/25/2017
#6211 "Only Me" profile fields are searchable by other users Extended Profile new 1.6 defect (bug) normal 02/08/2016
#6234 Multiple scopes in activity-loop.php doesn't work correctly when activity auto-refresh is checked Activity new 2.2.1 defect (bug) normal 08/10/2015
#6245 bp_get_user_has_avatar() always returns true if default avatar URL is filtered Media new defect (bug) normal 06/18/2016
#6382 Add dynamic Grunt Watch task Build/Test Tools assigned enhancement normal netweb 06/29/2023
#6389 buddypress doesn’t support chinese login name Route Parser new 2.2.1 defect (bug) normal 05/02/2015
#6395 is_single_item not set for single member profiles Route Parser new defect (bug) normal 05/11/2016
#6413 xprofile fielddata visibility should be stored in xprofilemeta Extended Profile assigned defect (bug) normal boonebgorges 05/04/2016
#6430 Multiple Links in activities Activity new 2.2.3 defect (bug) normal 05/12/2015
#6441 Missing break statement inside bp_groups_admin_load() function Groups new defect (bug) normal 05/30/2015
#6448 Unconditional set of $wp_rewrite->use_verbose_page_rules = false breaks flush_rewrite_rules() Core new defect (bug) normal 01/04/2021
#6527 BP mangles $wp_query when viewing member's profile Members new 2.3.0 defect (bug) normal 09/09/2015
#6555 Avatar upload dir filters set 'basedir' and 'baseurl' incorrectly Core new defect (bug) normal 06/18/2016
#6557 Soft hyphen prevents recording of blog post in activity Activity new 2.3.2 defect (bug) normal 03/29/2016
#6559 nav implode() error when using BUDDYPRESS_LATE_LOAD Core new defect (bug) normal 10/21/2015
#6565 Sign-ups may show roles in network admin Registration new 2.1 defect (bug) normal 10/21/2015
#6603 Allow xprofile field values to be ran through oembed Extended Profile reopened feature request normal 09/19/2018
#6639 Duplicate IDs in Member Settings screens Toolbar & Notifications new defect (bug) normal 10/14/2015
#6640 Duplicate at-who element IDs in Activity Streams Activity new defect (bug) normal 01/09/2019
#6642 BP Template Versioning Templates reopened enhancement normal 05/10/2018
#6677 Groups: Draft, Locked or Suspended status Groups assigned enhancement normal dcavins 05/14/2020
#6703 Installing old fashioned bbPress 1.x from BuddyPress installation Forums new defect (bug) normal 11/01/2015
#6712 Screen notifications settings page Toolbar & Notifications new 1.9 enhancement normal 05/11/2017
#6746 Avatar filename could generate: "There was a problem cropping your avatar" Media new defect (bug) normal 07/23/2019
#6754 `widget()` methods should be self-sufficient Core new defect (bug) normal 06/18/2016
#6757 Empty Groups appear in Extended Profile on WP Admin causing error during save Extended Profile new 2.4.0 defect (bug) normal 12/17/2015
#6783 Groups: Add Profile Fields and Profile Field Groups Groups reopened enhancement normal 05/19/2020
#6789 XProfile: do not store serialized arrays for multi-value profile field data Extended Profile new enhancement normal 03/01/2018
#6806 Activity Bump for marked favorite and new replies Activity new enhancement normal 06/17/2020
#6828 Groups Step #4 - Invite Crashes Groups assigned 2.4.0 defect (bug) normal dcavins 01/17/2016
#6843 Activity @mentions in private groups for non members Activity new 2.4.0 defect (bug) normal 09/06/2016
#6890 Remove usage of deprecated bp_activity_delete_by_item_id() from various functions. Core new enhancement normal 01/25/2017
#6895 bp_core_validate_email_address doesn’t check signups table Registration new 2.0 defect (bug) normal 11/23/2018
#6921 Maybe introduce PHP Mustache parser for email templates Emails reopened 2.5.0 enhancement normal 10/05/2018
#6925 BuddyPress creates /uploads/buddypress/ and doesn't use it. Media new defect (bug) normal 06/18/2016
#6931 Cover Image location is incorrect for blogs other than the primary blog Media reopened 2.4.0 defect (bug) normal 01/10/2023
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