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Ticket Summary Component Status Resolution Version Type Priority Owner Modified
#8294 Trying to get property 'show_avatars' of non-object Core closed fixed defect (bug) normal 04/18/2021
#8262 create new group doesn't respect "required" field attributes Core closed fixed defect (bug) normal 04/18/2021
#8082 xprofile_filter_format_field_value_by_type filter not working Extended Profile closed fixed defect (bug) normal 04/17/2021
#8075 Users created with user_status 2 but no activation codes Core closed fixed defect (bug) normal 04/17/2021
#8096 Commenting make new activity post Activity closed fixed 4.3.0 defect (bug) normal 04/17/2021
#8061 Empty tab content on group creation step (group-settings) Groups closed fixed 4.1.0 defect (bug) normal 04/17/2021
#8058 bug Core closed fixed 4.1.0 defect (bug) normal 04/17/2021
#8034 Buddypress Forum Management Disappear Groups closed fixed defect (bug) normal 04/17/2021
#8018 Undefine Index Error in class-bp-core-oembed-extension.php Media closed fixed 3.0.0 defect (bug) normal 04/17/2021
#8051 Undefined index: Отображаемое имя - /wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-core/classes/class-bp-core-user.php:159 Core closed fixed defect (bug) normal 04/17/2021
#8057 BuddyPress should not reset the $wp_query when registration is disabled Members closed fixed 4.1.0 defect (bug) normal 04/17/2021
#8029 bp_has_members misbehaving on Nouveau Profile Home page widgets area Templates closed fixed defect (bug) normal 04/17/2021
#8387 Brackets on either side of the text [Read more] Core closed fixed 6.3.0 defect (bug) low 04/17/2021
#8159 bp_send_email not sending emails to all if passing multiple email ids since 4.0.0 update Emails closed fixed 2.5.0 defect (bug) high DJPaul 04/17/2021
#8453 Feed links should be visible only when functions return string Templates closed fixed defect (bug) normal 04/10/2021
#8180 Coding standard Core closed fixed defect (bug) normal 01/06/2021
#8374 Document Codeing Standard Build/Test Tools closed fixed defect (bug) normal netweb 01/06/2021
#8332 Token {{}} is not processed by BuddyPress Emails closed fixed 6.1.0 defect (bug) normal imath 01/05/2021
#8134 help, edit buddypress! group view Administration closed no action required 4.4.0 feature request strategic slaFFik 12/20/2020
#8405 RC Groups closed fixed defect (bug) normal 12/04/2020
#8344 Deprecated error shown on commenting on media Core closed fixed 6.1.0 defect (bug) normal 08/06/2020
#8307 File Not Supported on Activity Stream Photo Posting Core closed fixed defect (bug) normal 06/08/2020
#8313 Invalid file format Core closed fixed defect (bug) high 06/08/2020
#8141 bp_invitations table not created on update Groups closed fixed 5.0.0 defect (bug) normal dcavins 04/13/2020
#8209 fix docs standard in src/bp-activity/bp-activity-embeds.php Activity closed fixed 5.0.0 defect (bug) normal imath 01/18/2020
#8170 Password Reset issue Core closed fixed defect (bug) highest 12/07/2019
#8178 Admin Issue : Trying to get property ‘show_avatars’ of non-object Core closed fixed 5.0.0 defect (bug) high 12/06/2019

Awaiting Contributions (73 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Status Resolution Version Type Priority Owner Modified
#4835 Latest Post in Blogs Directory Blogs new 1.7 defect (bug) lowest 06/04/2017
#5985 Registration screen doesn't use BP_REGISTER_SLUG Registration new defect (bug) lowest 01/25/2017
#5585 Activating user by other means than email or admin doesn't remove them from pending list Core reopened 2.0 defect (bug) low 06/24/2016
#5856 Activity Stream filters reset when Whats New textbox is clicked Activity new 2.0 defect (bug) low 11/13/2016
#6146 URL xprofile field should have target=_blank Extended Profile new 1.0 enhancement low 04/09/2017
#6584 bp_activity_create_summary wrongly extracted <iframe src="....htm"/> as <img src="....htm"/> Activity new 2.3.2 defect (bug) low 08/10/2015
#6714 Filtering messages in bp_core_add_message() Core assigned 2.3.3 enhancement low tw2113 04/09/2017
#7121 Wrong position of @mention autosuggest on tinyMce editor When scrolled down Administration new defect (bug) low 06/22/2016
#7171 JOINs in bp-blogs assume global tables are in the same database as BuddyPress's Blogs assigned 1.5 defect (bug) low johnjamesjacoby 09/21/2016
#7377 Inline documentation improvements for 2.8 Core accepted enhancement low tw2113 01/25/2017
#7412 Update jquery.dimensions Messages new enhancement low 01/25/2017
#7673 Group Creation Link On Member Profile Groups assigned 1.0 enhancement low DJPaul 10/26/2018
#7690 Will need a direct menu for Profile Front page after Nouveau Navigation new enhancement low 03/20/2018
#7910 Errors being thrown from bp-groups Groups new 2.9.3 defect (bug) low 11/23/2018
#7959 Wrong wording in Messaging Messages new 3.0.0 enhancement low 11/23/2018
#8062 Get updated General setting posted fields at time of update Core new 4.1.0 enhancement low 03/21/2019
#8410 Admin Type order of field for creation of new type Administration new enhancement low slaFFik 04/27/2021
#2239 if an activity is hidden from sitewide its children (comments) are not hidden as well Activity new defect (bug) normal 07/30/2016
#2721 All activity streams view link should have similar end points Activity new 1.5 enhancement normal 07/27/2017
#3099 Unhide activity for an unmarked spammer Activity new 1.5 defect (bug) normal 04/29/2013
#3653 Clicking on "All Members" tab not working after a search. Members new 1.5 defect (bug) normal 09/30/2016
#3690 Private Messages Auto Refresh Messages new enhancement normal 06/15/2017
#3727 group extension admin page can't be configured to be accessed by group mods Groups new defect (bug) normal 10/07/2016
#3794 Deleted activity items remain favourited Activity new 1.2 defect (bug) normal 06/06/2020
#4017 Group taxonomy Groups new enhancement normal boonebgorges 05/29/2018
#4075 bp_has_profile() should accept multiple values of profile_group_id Extended Profile new enhancement normal 01/25/2017
#4184 Exclude specific user_id’s when querying for activities Activity new enhancement normal 01/25/2017
#4186 'max' not working correctly for bp_has_members Members new 1.5.5 defect (bug) normal 05/14/2013
#4359 Un-spamming a user doesn't reinstate blog record Blogs new defect (bug) normal 08/08/2014
#4360 Spamming a user doesn't remove blog metadata Blogs new defect (bug) normal 07/18/2012
#4383 Activity Stream doesn't work on sub blogs if bp_enable_multiblog is enabled unless page is "none" Activity new 1.6 defect (bug) normal 12/01/2012
#4407 Nesting a component page produces unexpected results Core new 1.5 defect (bug) normal 01/25/2017
#4458 Activity update deletion and the "Are you sure" dialog box Activity reopened defect (bug) normal 06/03/2017
#4535 Load More Button loads duplicates Activity new defect (bug) normal 06/06/2013
#4590 filter select options out of sync with parent tab Core new 1.7 defect (bug) normal 06/18/2016
#4599 Changes to bp_core_load_template (by hackday) Core new defect (bug) normal 12/21/2012
#4627 bp_core_fetch_avatar html pref checking should use !empty (again) Core new defect (bug) normal 08/10/2015
#4740 Activity comments missing from group feed Activity new 1.2 enhancement normal 01/25/2017
#4769 Favourite button for activity comments Activity new enhancement normal 01/25/2017
#4784 Site Page Comments Don't Reach Activity Activity reopened defect (bug) normal djpaul 01/05/2018
#4809 broken logic in bp_core_wpsignup_redirect causes redirect loop to register page Members new 1.6.2 defect (bug) normal 06/13/2013
#4822 Login redirects to https when FORCE_ADMIN_SSL enabled Core new 1.7 defect (bug) normal 05/06/2013
#4831 BP bases site data/activity entries on WP search engine instructions Blogs new defect (bug) normal 10/05/2018
#4875 @mention notifications NOT being sent if @mention falls out of excerpt limit in forum posts. Toolbar & Notifications assigned 1.6.4 defect (bug) normal 01/21/2014
#4911 xprofile admin validate, wrong validate Extended Profile new 1.6.4 defect (bug) normal 06/24/2016
#4926 Inconsistent handling of username between Toolbar and BP URLs Core new defect (bug) normal 06/26/2013
#4965 Deprecate usage of BP_AVATAR_URL and BP_AVATAR_UPLOAD_PATH constants Core new 1.2 defect (bug) normal 06/24/2016
#4991 manage_options capability required for non-super admin xprofile editing Extended Profile new 1.7 defect (bug) normal 08/10/2015
#4996 Problematic custom activity slug Core new 1.7 defect (bug) normal 06/04/2017
#5021 Shortcode contents don't display in non-standard BP 1.7 themes Core new 1.7 defect (bug) normal 08/10/2015
#5055 BP_Messages_Message::send(): Avoid new thread_id via SELECT MAX()/INSERT Messages new 1.2 defect (bug) normal 06/26/2013
#5161 Can't upload an Avatar - getting a "Can't find editor" error Media new 1.8.1 defect (bug) normal 06/18/2016
#5179 Next page in profile's forum page leads nowhere Sites new 1.8.1 defect (bug) normal 07/25/2016
#5198 WP menu current-menu-item class and BP components Route Parser new 1.8.1 defect (bug) normal 12/09/2013
#5338 Loading of more activity items by the activity stream's 'Load More' button Activity new 1.9.1 defect (bug) normal 04/28/2014
#5358 Add $add_root as property of $bp Core new 1.9.1 defect (bug) normal 06/04/2017
#5360 Template hierarchy file names Codex guide? Core new enhancement normal 01/25/2017
#5367 WP Admin BuddyPress profile when BuddyPress is not network activated Administration new defect (bug) normal 09/06/2015
#5373 Removing requirement of Name profile field during registration Core new 1.9.1 enhancement normal 08/28/2017
#5443 wp-admin xprofile new/edit field screen doesn't work on mobile Administration new defect (bug) normal 11/22/2014
#5504 BuddyPress, in some cases, marks some notifications as read without the user has read them Toolbar & Notifications assigned defect (bug) normal imath 10/27/2015
#5565 BuddyPress 2.0 + P2 = broken mentions and notifications Activity new 2.0 defect (bug) normal 06/04/2021
#5583 Simplify registration Registration new enhancement normal 07/27/2017
#5630 Enable BP_XProfile_Field_Type classes to register display filter Extended Profile reopened defect (bug) normal boonebgorges 12/23/2014
#5664 BP setup routine can run erroneously Core new defect (bug) normal 06/13/2014
#5715 Profile image placeholders Extended Profile new enhancement normal 01/17/2018
#5717 Default thumb avatar is not used when called via (any function that utilizes) bp_core_fetch_avatar() Core new 1.2 defect (bug) normal 01/25/2017
#5722 Theme compat does not recognize single member page if no subnav item is registered Core new defect (bug) normal 07/20/2014
#5774 Groups no-count Groups new 2.0 defect (bug) normal 07/27/2014
#5799 Bring profile fields back into template parts Extended Profile new 2.0 enhancement normal 05/01/2018
#5800 wp_title filter can break BP's pages' titles Templates new defect (bug) normal 06/18/2016
#5865 URI parsing fails for encoded url slugs. Core assigned defect (bug) normal 11/21/2014
#5869 Users with 'bp_moderate' capability required to also have 'manage_options' capability Core new 1.6 defect (bug) normal 06/18/2016
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