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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Priority Severity Created
#8110 Adding BuddyPress to my Web Design Agency website Core defect (bug) reopened normal normal 07/09/2019
#8327 BP_SHOW_AVATARS is using non existing option parameter Core defect (bug) new normal normal 07/04/2020
#8295 Captcha/Text Colour Issue on BP Registration Page (not sure) 5.2.0 defect (bug) new lowest normal 05/09/2020
#8570 On Multisite Environment, Users Also Created and Showing on the Main Site. Is it normal? Registration 3.0.0 defect (bug) reopened normal normal 09/17/2021
#8433 Posting comments to activity failing in new_activity_comment ajax Activity 7.1.0 defect (bug) new normal normal 02/10/2021
#8651 Right side white space is coming in buddypress site in mobile and tablet size Sites 10.1.0 defect (bug) johnjamesjacoby new normal normal 03/14/2022
#7719 Site Tracking component Core 2.9.3 defect (bug) new high normal 03/17/2018
#8014 Unable to add member from Group backend after BP 4.0.0 Core defect (bug) new normal normal 11/30/2018
#7548 bp_button_class needs to know what $container value is to set correct $parent_element Core enhancement new normal normal 06/21/2017

Milestone (12 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Priority Severity Created
#7466 Activity Content Filter Priority and Slashes Core 2.8.0 defect (bug) reopened normal normal 03/11/2017
#6938 Add email token for recipient? avatars. Emails enhancement reopened normal normal 03/03/2016
#7457 BuddyPress Duplicated 'Groups' and 'Messages' Core 2.8.0 defect (bug) reopened high major 03/03/2017
#6708 Cannot upload group or member photos/avatars Groups 2.3.3 defect (bug) reopened normal normal 11/01/2015
#6832 Error Posting comments Core defect (bug) reopened high normal 01/18/2016
#7320 Group header: warning in admins/mods list Groups defect (bug) reopened normal normal 11/03/2016
#5814 Link to Blog Post in Activity/Feed is Broken Activity 2.0 defect (bug) reopened normal major 08/14/2014
#6355 Profile picture approval option for admin Media 2.2.1 enhancement imath reopened normal minor 04/07/2015
#6201 Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function on line 1326 of global.js Core 2.2 defect (bug) reopened normal normal 02/09/2015
#7635 bp_core_new_nav_default function causing problem Activity 2.9.0 defect (bug) new normal normal 12/01/2017
#6563 index-action-change-avatar.php will not help to customize change avatar page. JS not working. Templates 2.8.2 defect (bug) reopened normal normal 07/22/2015
#7304 xProfile Group field Extended Profile 2.7 defect (bug) new normal normal 10/25/2016

Milestone 12.0.0 (39 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Priority Severity Created
#8371 A function to get pieces of data specific to BuddyPress for a member Members enhancement new normal normal 09/27/2020
#6429 Activity Type API Activity 2.2.3 enhancement reopened normal normal 05/09/2015
#5358 Add $add_root as property of $bp Core 1.9.1 defect (bug) assigned normal normal 01/29/2014
#8690 Add a new apply filter for default value for bp_parse_args Activity enhancement new normal normal 04/27/2022
#8774 Add ability to change Email notification settings via REST API REST API 10.6.0 enhancement new normal normal 12/01/2022
#6382 Add dynamic Grunt Watch task Build/Test Tools enhancement netweb assigned normal normal 04/19/2015
#8644 Add login/logout link. Navigation 10.1.0 enhancement new normal normal 03/02/2022
#8409 Admin Types should use the same JavaScript's UX as the WP categories Administration 7.0.0 enhancement slaFFik new low minor 12/08/2020
#8584 Admin: add Member Type column to Network Users List Table Members 7.0.0 enhancement new normal normal 10/08/2021
#8413 Better optimize queries searching for @mentions Activity enhancement new normal normal 12/11/2020
#8378 Calls to `xprofile_get_field()` can result in unnecessary database queries Extended Profile defect (bug) new normal normal 10/21/2020
#8836 Create a wrapper function for sprintf to prevent potential fatal errors. I18N task imath assigned high normal 02/15/2023
#8343 Custom Post Type activity in groups create duplicates Activity 2.2 defect (bug) new normal normal 08/06/2020
#8864 Deleted field data are not removed from bp_xprofile_data Extended Profile defect (bug) new normal normal 04/02/2023
#8890 Docs: Improve various globals documentation, as per docblock standards. Extended Profile defect (bug) imath reopened normal normal 05/12/2023
#8783 Fatal error on Manage Opt-outs admin page Core defect (bug) dcavins assigned normal normal 12/20/2022
#8842 Filter to stop assets loading outside of BuddyPress Core is not working Core 11.1.0 defect (bug) new normal normal 02/17/2023
#8713 Group type meta is not set on group types registered in code Groups 10.3.0 defect (bug) dcavins assigned normal normal 06/22/2022
#8618 Improve member type support on registration screen. Members 9.2.0 enhancement new normal normal 01/19/2022
#8722 Introduce a new specific template pack "BP reNouveau" Templates enhancement imath assigned high normal 07/19/2022
#8734 Introduce simple "Private Site" toggle Core 10.4.0 feature request assigned normal normal 09/07/2022
#8544 Messages sent at the same time can encounter a race condition where they share the same thread_id Messages 1.0 defect (bug) new normal normal 08/09/2021
#8559 Mutual Groups & friends Status Notification Feature Groups 9.1.1 enhancement new normal normal 08/30/2021
#8892 Need to removed unused variable. Core defect (bug) imath reopened normal normal 05/12/2023
#8273 Nouveau avatar rounding incorrectly Templates 5.0.0 defect (bug) new normal normal 04/09/2020
#8046 Nouveau bp_nouveau_ajax_object_template_loader(): Use bp_get_template_part() Core 4.1.0 enhancement dcavins reviewing normal normal 01/30/2019
#8820 PHP8.2 compatibility Core task imath reopened high normal 02/04/2023
#7018 Properly declare all properties on classes Core enhancement assigned normal normal 04/15/2016
#8900 Put the minimal code in place to support BP Block only Themes Templates enhancement imath assigned normal normal 05/20/2023
#8824 Remove current password validation and the field from the member profile page Members 1.6 enhancement new normal normal 02/05/2023
#8323 Show activity comments on button click only Activity feature request new normal normal 07/02/2020
#8068 Site creation confirmation markup should be customizable Blogs enhancement new normal normal 03/22/2019
#8794 Site membership requests: Create/change capability to approve requests Members 11.0.0 feature request dcavins assigned normal normal 01/14/2023
#8568 The xProfile "Name" Field Extended Profile 1.0 enhancement imath reopened normal normal 09/14/2021
#8779 Use a default and extendable design for post type activities Activity defect (bug) new normal normal 12/06/2022
#8620 User profile picture Blogs enhancement new low normal 01/21/2022
#8789 bp_get_the_profile_field_ids should check that groups exist Extended Profile defect (bug) new normal normal 01/03/2023
#8368 bp_notifications_get_notifications_for_user should return additional objects Core defect (bug) assigned normal normal 09/22/2020
#8186 xprofile field type display_filter method should provide more data Core 5.0.0 enhancement new normal normal 12/26/2019

Milestone Awaiting Contributions (40 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Priority Severity Created
#7003 "Full name" field setting doesn't work on non-primary blog admin in multiblog mode Core defect (bug) new normal normal 04/08/2016
#6211 "Only Me" profile fields are searchable by other users Extended Profile 1.6 defect (bug) new normal normal 02/11/2015
#6175 "Profile Fields" admin page requires 'manage_options' capability Core 1.6 defect (bug) new normal normal 01/30/2015
#8578 "Send To" field text/recipient of new message thread cleared when user attempts to send message without a "Subject" or "Message" text Messages 2.4.0 enhancement new normal normal 09/28/2021
#6123 "Signups" are displayed as members on non multisite configs Members defect (bug) new high normal 01/14/2015
#6965 "emails in the wrong language" notice should be dismissable Emails enhancement DJPaul assigned normal normal 03/17/2016
#6173 'Members' menu selected when current page user profile page Core 2.1 defect (bug) johnjamesjacoby accepted normal normal 01/29/2015
#4186 'max' not working correctly for bp_has_members Members 1.5.5 defect (bug) new normal normal 05/04/2012
#4875 @mention notifications NOT being sent if @mention falls out of excerpt limit in forum posts. Toolbar & Notifications 1.6.4 defect (bug) assigned normal normal 03/12/2013
#7084 @mentions break instagram oembeds if same username exists on site as instagram Activity 1.2 defect (bug) johnjamesjacoby assigned normal normal 05/24/2016
#7514 AJAX tab filters broken when you are on `/type/{group-type}` or `/type/{member-type}` Templates 2.7 defect (bug) new normal normal 04/27/2017
#2147 Ability to set the default filter for components Core enhancement new major normal 03/07/2010
#7355 Accessibility: Improve Focus Management and Markup of Edit Profile Photo Link and Modal Extended Profile defect (bug) new normal normal 11/19/2016
#5585 Activating user by other means than email or admin doesn't remove them from pending list Core 2.0 defect (bug) reopened low minor 04/24/2014
#5991 Activation links don't use BP_ACTIVATION_SLUG Registration defect (bug) new normal normal 11/05/2014
#6843 Activity @mentions in private groups for non members Activity 2.4.0 defect (bug) new normal normal 01/25/2016
#6806 Activity Bump for marked favorite and new replies Activity enhancement new normal normal 01/05/2016
#7953 Activity Scheduling Activity feature request new normal normal 08/27/2018
#4383 Activity Stream doesn't work on sub blogs if bp_enable_multiblog is enabled unless page is "none" Activity 1.6 defect (bug) new normal normal 07/26/2012
#5856 Activity Stream filters reset when Whats New textbox is clicked Activity 2.0 defect (bug) new low normal 09/03/2014
#4740 Activity comments missing from group feed Activity 1.2 enhancement new normal normal 12/28/2012
#6167 Activity stream commenting on WP post appears to bypass WP comment settings Core defect (bug) new normal normal 01/28/2015
#7633 Activity stream comments and reply display order. Activity 2.9.0 enhancement reopened normal normal 11/30/2017
#4458 Activity update deletion and the "Are you sure" dialog box Activity defect (bug) reopened normal normal 08/21/2012
#7309 Activity: related activity_comments are missing from custom post type comment query Activity defect (bug) new normal normal 10/27/2016
#7165 Add #hashtag auto-suggest Toolbar & Notifications feature request new strategic normal 07/01/2016
#7164 Add @mentions notifications for Groups. Toolbar & Notifications feature request new strategic normal 07/01/2016
#8349 Add appropriate buddypress objects to the wp sitemap Core enhancement new normal normal 08/17/2020
#7701 Add archive functionality to Private Messages Messages feature request new normal normal 02/22/2018
#8552 Add cache flag to Query Classes Performance 9.0.0 enhancement assigned normal normal 08/18/2021
#7743 Add crop feature for profile and group cover images Media enhancement new normal normal 04/08/2018
#7246 Add group limit in BuddyPress Groups Module Groups feature request new normal normal 09/05/2016
#7503 Add identifying tag parameter to bp_has_*() loop arguments. Templates defect (bug) new normal normal 04/17/2017
#7159 Add shortcode rendering of template parts Templates feature request new strategic normal 07/01/2016
#7912 Add the email Lost Your Password and Password Change Notice in Admin Email List Emails 3.0.0 enhancement DJPaul new normal normal 07/02/2018
#7343 Add the_group filter to allow group object modification Groups enhancement dcavins accepted normal normal 11/12/2016
#8487 Add visibility and required controls to the WordPress profile fields Core 8.0.0 enhancement reopened normal normal 06/10/2021
#7451 Adding comments from non-registered users into activity stream. Activity enhancement new normal normal 02/27/2017
#7740 Adding links to BP messages results in incorrect href being added Messages defect (bug) new normal normal 04/05/2018
#8410 Admin Type order of field for creation of new type Administration enhancement slaFFik new low minor 12/08/2020
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