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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Priority Severity Created
#8295 Captcha/Text Colour Issue on BP Registration Page (not sure) 5.2.0 defect (bug) new lowest normal 05/09/2020
#8014 Unable to add member from Group backend after BP 4.0.0 Core defect (bug) new normal normal 11/30/2018
#8110 Adding BuddyPress to my Web Design Agency website Core defect (bug) reopened normal normal 07/09/2019
#8327 BP_SHOW_AVATARS is using non existing option parameter Core defect (bug) new normal normal 07/04/2020
#7548 bp_button_class needs to know what $container value is to set correct $parent_element Core enhancement new normal normal 06/21/2017
#7719 Site Tracking component Core 2.9.3 defect (bug) new high normal 03/17/2018

Milestone (13 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Priority Severity Created
#5814 Link to Blog Post in Activity/Feed is Broken Activity 2.0 defect (bug) reopened normal major 08/14/2014
#7457 BuddyPress Duplicated 'Groups' and 'Messages' Core 2.8.0 defect (bug) reopened high major 03/03/2017
#6201 Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function on line 1326 of global.js Core 2.2 defect (bug) reopened normal normal 02/09/2015
#6563 index-action-change-avatar.php will not help to customize change avatar page. JS not working. Templates 2.8.2 defect (bug) reopened normal normal 07/22/2015
#6708 Cannot upload group or member photos/avatars Groups 2.3.3 defect (bug) reopened normal normal 11/01/2015
#7304 xProfile Group field Extended Profile 2.7 defect (bug) new normal normal 10/25/2016
#7320 Group header: warning in admins/mods list Groups defect (bug) reopened normal normal 11/03/2016
#7466 Activity Content Filter Priority and Slashes Core 2.8.0 defect (bug) reopened normal normal 03/11/2017
#7635 bp_core_new_nav_default function causing problem Activity 2.9.0 defect (bug) new normal normal 12/01/2017
#6938 Add email token for recipient? avatars. Emails enhancement reopened normal normal 03/03/2016
#7126 [BP Nouveau Request] create functions to get the component's button args Core 1.2 enhancement imath reopened normal normal 06/16/2016
#6830 Resset password not working Core defect (bug) reopened high normal 01/18/2016
#6832 Error Posting comments Core defect (bug) reopened high normal 01/18/2016

Milestone 6.4.0 (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Priority Severity Created
#8367 PHP8: implode() no longer accepts deprecated order of args Core defect (bug) new high normal 09/21/2020

Milestone 7.0.0 (28 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Priority Severity Created
#8292 Multiple member types users table issue Members 5.2.0 defect (bug) new normal major 05/06/2020
#8357 Make the BP Tools administration screen more consistent with WP Admin appearance Administration 2.0 defect (bug) slaFFik new low minor 09/05/2020
#7906 Helper function for checking WP version Core defect (bug) new normal normal 06/23/2018
#8004 Multiple comment forms on activity stream lead to duplicated _wpnonce_new_activity_comment input ids Activity 3.0.0 defect (bug) new normal normal 11/19/2018
#8093 Field Visibility Not Honored in PHP 7.1 & above Extended Profile 4.3.0 defect (bug) new normal normal 05/13/2019
#8144 Use of bp_core_signup_send_activation_key not checked while querying for signups Members defect (bug) new normal normal 10/14/2019
#8179 Improved default value for site avatar Blogs defect (bug) new normal normal 12/06/2019
#8297 The function groups_get_invites_for_user() can return inconsistent total Groups defect (bug) dcavins assigned normal normal 05/12/2020
#8339 Codebase language improvements for a better contributors inclusivity Core defect (bug) new normal normal 07/28/2020
#8355 Site Admins cannot edit BP emails Emails 6.2.0 defect (bug) DJPaul new normal normal 09/02/2020
#8360 inconsistent table checks in notifications Core defect (bug) johnjamesjacoby assigned normal normal 09/10/2020
#6382 Add dynamic Grunt Watch task Build/Test Tools enhancement netweb assigned normal normal 04/19/2015
#7729 Remove BuddyBar? Navigation enhancement new normal normal 03/26/2018
#7882 Stop mirroring user last_activity data to usermeta Members 2.0 enhancement new normal normal 05/31/2018
#8011 Exclude CLI tests from build package Build/Test Tools enhancement espellcaste assigned normal normal 11/27/2018
#8139 Network Invitations and Membership Requests Registration 5.0.0 enhancement assigned normal normal 10/02/2019
#8198 src\class-buddypress.php coding standards mistakes Core 5.0.0 enhancement espellcaste assigned normal normal 01/12/2020
#8308 2.0 - BP CLI Core enhancement espellcaste assigned normal normal 06/03/2020
#8310 bp_has_groups() should accept 'status' parameter Groups enhancement new normal normal 06/04/2020
#8319 Block based Activity post form Activity enhancement imath assigned normal normal 06/17/2020
#8326 Apply UGC attribute for activity links Activity 6.1.0 enhancement new normal normal 07/02/2020
#8340 Support native browser image lazy-loading Core enhancement r-a-y assigned normal normal 07/28/2020
#8349 Add appropriate buddypress objects to the wp sitemap Core enhancement new normal normal 08/17/2020
#8365 Renovate the create a blog form Blogs 1.0 enhancement imath assigned normal normal 09/18/2020
#7953 Activity Scheduling Activity feature request new normal normal 08/27/2018
#8022 Attachments for Buddypress Media feature request imath assigned normal normal 12/06/2018
#8279 What about introducing BP Friends Types in 7.0.0 ? Friends feature request new normal normal 04/17/2020
#8001 Review at.js integration for updates and/or swapout Core task new normal normal 11/15/2018

Milestone Awaiting Contributions (52 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Priority Severity Created
#8169 Password Reset issue Core 5.0.0 defect (bug) reopened highest critical 11/28/2019
#7171 JOINs in bp-blogs assume global tables are in the same database as BuddyPress's Blogs 1.5 defect (bug) johnjamesjacoby assigned low major 07/05/2016
#4809 broken logic in bp_core_wpsignup_redirect causes redirect loop to register page Members 1.6.2 defect (bug) new normal major 02/07/2013
#5664 BP setup routine can run erroneously Core defect (bug) new normal major 05/28/2014
#6389 buddypress doesn’t support chinese login name Route Parser 2.2.1 defect (bug) new normal major 04/22/2015
#6565 Sign-ups may show roles in network admin Registration 2.1 defect (bug) new normal major 07/23/2015
#7109 `wp_bp_xprofile_groups` DB table sometimes sets `Base` group to an `id` that is not `1` Extended Profile 1.2 defect (bug) new normal major 06/02/2016
#7660 .webp files not properly handled Media 2.9.2 defect (bug) new normal major 01/18/2018
#4017 Group taxonomy Groups enhancement boonebgorges new normal major 02/17/2012
#4954 Migrate BP's custom URI parser to use WP's Rewrite API Route Parser enhancement johnjamesjacoby reopened high major 04/25/2013
#7473 Extended Profile edit should honour WP's "edit_users" capability Extended Profile enhancement new high major 03/20/2017
#8053 Rotation of Profile Picture Functionality Core feature request new high major 02/23/2019
#5585 Activating user by other means than email or admin doesn't remove them from pending list Core 2.0 defect (bug) reopened low minor 04/24/2014
#6584 bp_activity_create_summary wrongly extracted <iframe src="....htm"/> as <img src="....htm"/> Activity 2.3.2 defect (bug) new low minor 08/07/2015
#6146 URL xprofile field should have target=_blank Extended Profile 1.0 enhancement new low minor 01/21/2015
#6714 Filtering messages in bp_core_add_message() Core 2.3.3 enhancement tw2113 assigned low minor 11/03/2015
#7377 Inline documentation improvements for 2.8 Core enhancement tw2113 accepted low minor 12/05/2016
#7412 Update jquery.dimensions Messages enhancement new low minor 01/04/2017
#7673 Group Creation Link On Member Profile Groups 1.0 enhancement DJPaul assigned low minor 01/29/2018
#8062 Get updated General setting posted fields at time of update Core 4.1.0 enhancement new low minor 03/08/2019
#4831 BP bases site data/activity entries on WP search engine instructions Blogs defect (bug) new normal minor 02/15/2013
#5161 Can't upload an Avatar - getting a "Can't find editor" error Media 1.8.1 defect (bug) new normal minor 09/06/2013
#5179 Next page in profile's forum page leads nowhere Sites 1.8.1 defect (bug) new normal minor 09/18/2013
#6059 BP_Activity_Activity:get() doesn't respect 'max' parameter Activity defect (bug) new normal minor 12/08/2014
#6557 Soft hyphen prevents recording of blog post in activity Activity 2.3.2 defect (bug) new normal minor 07/16/2015
#7315 Autocomplete in messages produces bad html Messages 2.7 defect (bug) new normal minor 11/02/2016
#4075 bp_has_profile() should accept multiple values of profile_group_id Extended Profile enhancement new normal minor 03/13/2012
#5360 Template hierarchy file names Codex guide? Core enhancement new normal minor 01/30/2014
#6642 BP Template Versioning Templates enhancement reopened normal minor 10/02/2015
#7624 Nouveau - Replace font icons with SVGs Templates enhancement new normal minor 11/15/2017
#2084 Frontpage tabs - show if content is available Activity defect (bug) boonebgorges assigned minor normal 02/26/2010
#2776 Most content is double-escaped in the database Core defect (bug) new major normal 12/04/2010
#408 User Activity Import/Export Function Activity 1.0 enhancement new major normal 01/28/2009
#2147 Ability to set the default filter for components Core enhancement new major normal 03/07/2010
#3599 Delete page, repair problem. Administration 1.5 enhancement new minor normal 09/21/2011
#3842 Group and member template functions should check current group/member as well Groups enhancement new minor normal 12/12/2011
#5985 Registration screen doesn't use BP_REGISTER_SLUG Registration defect (bug) new lowest normal 11/03/2014
#5856 Activity Stream filters reset when Whats New textbox is clicked Activity 2.0 defect (bug) new low normal 09/03/2014
#7121 Wrong position of @mention autosuggest on tinyMce editor When scrolled down Administration defect (bug) new low normal 06/14/2016
#7690 Will need a direct menu for Profile Front page after Nouveau Navigation enhancement new low normal 02/09/2018
#2239 if an activity is hidden from sitewide its children (comments) are not hidden as well Activity defect (bug) new normal normal 03/24/2010
#3099 Unhide activity for an unmarked spammer Activity 1.5 defect (bug) new normal normal 03/06/2011
#3653 Clicking on "All Members" tab not working after a search. Members 1.5 defect (bug) new normal normal 10/04/2011
#3727 group extension admin page can't be configured to be accessed by group mods Groups defect (bug) new normal normal 11/03/2011
#3794 Deleted activity items remain favourited Activity 1.2 defect (bug) new normal normal 12/05/2011
#4186 'max' not working correctly for bp_has_members Members 1.5.5 defect (bug) new normal normal 05/04/2012
#4359 Un-spamming a user doesn't reinstate blog record Blogs defect (bug) new normal normal 07/18/2012
#4360 Spamming a user doesn't remove blog metadata Blogs defect (bug) new normal normal 07/18/2012
#4383 Activity Stream doesn't work on sub blogs if bp_enable_multiblog is enabled unless page is "none" Activity 1.6 defect (bug) new normal normal 07/26/2012
#4407 Nesting a component page produces unexpected results Core 1.5 defect (bug) new normal normal 08/07/2012
#4458 Activity update deletion and the "Are you sure" dialog box Activity defect (bug) reopened normal normal 08/21/2012
#4535 Load More Button loads duplicates Activity defect (bug) new normal normal 09/17/2012
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