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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#8462 bp_core_clear_cache should be filterable Core enhancement new 04/25/2021
#8470 Improve BP Directory Pages Administration parts Administration enhancement imath assigned 05/08/2021
#8488 Support date queries for members, groups and sites Core enhancement new 06/15/2021
#7953 Activity Scheduling Activity feature request new 08/27/2018
#7992 Administrator notification on user account creation and deletion Core feature request new 10/25/2018
#8006 UI Enhancements for 4.0 Core feature request new 11/22/2018
#8071 bp_current_user_can not returning expected results for bp_moderate users Core feature request new 03/22/2019
#8279 What about introducing BP Friends Types in 7.0.0 ? Friends feature request new 04/17/2020
#8323 comment Activity feature request new 07/02/2020
#8406 To slow, little too long before the records come up i activity Activity feature request new 12/02/2020
#3745 Change BP Group Forum and Member slugs-name like bp docs can Forums task johnjamesjacoby assigned 11/11/2011
#8001 Review at.js integration for updates and/or swapout Core task new 11/15/2018
#8153 BuddyPress 2020 survey Sites task johnjamesjacoby new 10/29/2019
#8266 Export Data changes in WordPress 5.4 Settings task new 04/04/2020
#8022 Attachments for Buddypress Media defect (bug) imath assigned 12/06/2018
#8241 Browser crash in Mac Safari Activity defect (bug) new 02/24/2020
#8263 create new group - step 2 results in 404 error Core defect (bug) new 03/25/2020
#8363 Popups using Elementor on mobile devices are appearing at the bottom of the page Core defect (bug) new 09/16/2020
#8474 The WordPress Full Site Editing feature & BuddyPress (and possibly some other plugins), who needs to adapt to the other one? Core defect (bug) new 05/12/2021
#8467 Plugin buddypress is not compatibalbe Elemontor Core enhancement new 05/06/2021
#8053 Rotation of Profile Picture Functionality Core feature request new 02/23/2019
#8111 Severe conflict with buddyPress Core defect (bug) new 07/16/2019
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