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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#2776 Most content is double-escaped in the database Core defect (bug) new 12/04/2010
#2147 Ability to set the default filter for components Core enhancement new 03/07/2010
#3842 Group and member template functions should check current group/member as well Groups enhancement new 12/12/2011
#2084 Frontpage tabs - show if content is available Activity defect (bug) boonebgorges assigned 02/26/2010
#4926 Inconsistent handling of username between Toolbar and BP URLs Core defect (bug) new 04/10/2013
#5985 Registration screen doesn't use BP_REGISTER_SLUG Registration defect (bug) new 11/03/2014
#5707 Forum support replying to yourself (double post error) Forums defect (bug) new 06/12/2014
#7121 Wrong position of @mention autosuggest on tinyMce editor When scrolled down Administration defect (bug) new 06/14/2016
#7412 Update jquery.dimensions Messages enhancement new 01/04/2017
#7690 Will need a direct menu for Profile Front page after Nouveau Navigation enhancement new 02/09/2018
#3727 group extension admin page can't be configured to be accessed by group mods Groups defect (bug) new 11/03/2011
#4359 Un-spamming a user doesn't reinstate blog record Blogs defect (bug) new 07/18/2012
#4360 Spamming a user doesn't remove blog metadata Blogs defect (bug) new 07/18/2012
#4458 Activity update deletion and the "Are you sure" dialog box Activity defect (bug) reopened 08/21/2012
#4599 Changes to bp_core_load_template (by hackday) Core defect (bug) new 10/15/2012
#4627 bp_core_fetch_avatar html pref checking should use !empty (again) Core defect (bug) new 10/25/2012
#4702 "Profile - Activity" post form ajax doesn't work Sites defect (bug) new 12/04/2012
#4784 Site Page Comments Don't Reach Activity Activity defect (bug) djpaul reopened 01/23/2013
#4831 BP bases site data/activity entries on WP search engine instructions Blogs defect (bug) new 02/15/2013
#4870 Cannot post update on in Safari 5 for Mac Sites defect (bug) reopened 03/09/2013
#5354 My forums topics pagination messed up Sites defect (bug) new 01/25/2014
#5367 WP Admin BuddyPress profile when BuddyPress is not network activated Administration defect (bug) new 02/01/2014
#5443 wp-admin xprofile new/edit field screen doesn't work on mobile Administration defect (bug) new 03/03/2014
#5504 BuddyPress, in some cases, marks some notifications as read without the user has read them Toolbar & Notifications defect (bug) imath assigned 04/01/2014
#5630 Enable BP_XProfile_Field_Type classes to register display filter Extended Profile defect (bug) boonebgorges reopened 05/09/2014
#5664 BP setup routine can run erroneously Core defect (bug) new 05/28/2014
#5722 Theme compat does not recognize single member page if no subnav item is registered Core defect (bug) new 06/20/2014
#5800 wp_title filter can break BP's pages' titles Templates defect (bug) new 08/08/2014
#5808 pagination broken Sites defect (bug) new 08/12/2014
#5865 URI parsing fails for encoded url slugs. Core defect (bug) assigned 09/08/2014
#5874 BP_Groups_Group::get() returns incorrect results when using meta_query with multiple meta_values and OR relationship Groups defect (bug) new 09/14/2014
#5923 Can't change size of group thumbnail since 2.1 version Media defect (bug) new 10/02/2014
#5973 It's not possible to save the "Site title" on and UTF8 issue Sites defect (bug) new 10/29/2014
#5991 Activation links don't use BP_ACTIVATION_SLUG Registration defect (bug) new 11/05/2014
#6053 Links in Group Description should be nofollow'd Groups defect (bug) new 12/03/2014
#6059 BP_Activity_Activity:get() doesn't respect 'max' parameter Activity defect (bug) new 12/08/2014
#6068 Use standard event names instead of "bp_before_registration_submit_buttons" to make registration work with plugins Core defect (bug) new 12/15/2014
#6084 Single page template routing is inelegant Core defect (bug) new 12/31/2014
#6130 Default (Last active) sorting doesn't show some members Core defect (bug) new 01/17/2015
#6155 bp_core_get_active_member_count() multisite query does not exclude 'spam' status Members defect (bug) new 01/22/2015
#6167 Activity stream commenting on WP post appears to bypass WP comment settings Core defect (bug) new 01/28/2015
#6245 bp_get_user_has_avatar() always returns true if default avatar URL is filtered Media defect (bug) new 02/21/2015
#6367 Long username encroaching on forum post Sites defect (bug) johnjamesjacoby new 04/10/2015
#6395 is_single_item not set for single member profiles Route Parser defect (bug) new 04/28/2015
#6413 xprofile fielddata visibility should be stored in xprofilemeta Extended Profile defect (bug) boonebgorges assigned 05/02/2015
#6441 Missing break statement inside bp_groups_admin_load() function Groups defect (bug) new 05/19/2015
#6448 Unconditional set of $wp_rewrite->use_verbose_page_rules = false breaks flush_rewrite_rules() Core defect (bug) new 05/21/2015
#6555 Avatar upload dir filters set 'basedir' and 'baseurl' incorrectly Core defect (bug) new 07/14/2015
#6559 nav implode() error when using BUDDYPRESS_LATE_LOAD Core defect (bug) new 07/17/2015
#6566 Some forum issue Sites defect (bug) johnjamesjacoby new 07/25/2015
#6639 Duplicate IDs in Member Settings screens Toolbar & Notifications defect (bug) new 10/01/2015
#6640 Duplicate at-who element IDs in Activity Streams Activity defect (bug) new 10/01/2015
#6703 Installing old fashioned bbPress 1.x from BuddyPress installation Forums defect (bug) new 11/01/2015
#6746 Avatar filename could generate: "There was a problem cropping your avatar" Media defect (bug) new 11/21/2015
#6754 `widget()` methods should be self-sufficient Core defect (bug) new 11/28/2015
#6833 Remove Change Cover Image from site Sites defect (bug) johnjamesjacoby new 01/19/2016
#6845 Pagination styles on Codex search results pages Sites defect (bug) hnla reopened 01/26/2016
#6867 Feeds links in Support section on lead to the same place Sites defect (bug) johnjamesjacoby new 02/02/2016
#6925 BuddyPress creates /uploads/buddypress/ and doesn't use it. Media defect (bug) new 02/24/2016
#7003 "Full name" field setting doesn't work on non-primary blog admin in multiblog mode Core defect (bug) new 04/08/2016
#7070 Unique group names should not use random integer Groups defect (bug) new 05/17/2016
#7092 There should be an easy way to disable activity stream posting Activity defect (bug) new 05/26/2016
#7266 Check image extraction for activity stream featured image Activity defect (bug) new 09/22/2016
#7287 xProfile multi select box output: Include option IDs Extended Profile defect (bug) new 10/14/2016
#7309 Activity: related activity_comments are missing from custom post type comment query Activity defect (bug) new 10/27/2016
#7320 Group header: warning in admins/mods list Groups defect (bug) reopened 11/03/2016
#7331 display_comments=stream for bp_has_activities() doesn't work Activity defect (bug) new 11/06/2016
#7355 Accessibility: Improve Focus Management and Markup of Edit Profile Photo Link and Modal Extended Profile defect (bug) new 11/19/2016
#7503 Add identifying tag parameter to bp_has_*() loop arguments. Templates defect (bug) new 04/17/2017
#7590 Sometimes getting Notice: Uninitialized string offset: -1 while inserting activity Activity defect (bug) new 08/28/2017
#7631 Values in autolinked profile fields have characters improperly encoded for display Extended Profile defect (bug) new 11/28/2017
#7645 gravatar parameters esc_url() function breaks the html formatting. Media defect (bug) new 12/15/2017
#7647 Group membership events need "after" actions Groups defect (bug) new 12/20/2017
#7658 User is de-authenticated when making REST API request Core defect (bug) new 01/17/2018
#7696 Widget markup should not have hardcoded `id` param Core defect (bug) new 02/19/2018
#3690 Private Messages Auto Refresh Messages enhancement new 10/17/2011
#4017 Group taxonomy Groups enhancement boonebgorges new 02/17/2012
#4769 Favourite button for activity comments Activity enhancement new 01/14/2013
#5340 Add subscription form to Blog Sites enhancement new 01/16/2014
#5360 Template hierarchy file names Codex guide? Core enhancement new 01/30/2014
#5525 Move bpdevel to Sites enhancement new 04/09/2014
#5583 Simplify registration Registration enhancement new 04/24/2014
#5715 Profile image placeholders Extended Profile enhancement new 06/18/2014
#5906 BP Codex Theme Adjustments Sites enhancement new 09/25/2014
#5974 add support for custom menu to header nav Sites enhancement reopened 10/29/2014
#6071 XProfile superfield Extended Profile enhancement reopened 12/15/2014
#6148 Default "Profile" page Core enhancement reopened 01/21/2015
#6161 Group Bulk Edit Groups enhancement dcavins accepted 01/24/2015
#6179 notification count doesn't match on admin bar Toolbar & Notifications enhancement johnjamesjacoby accepted 02/01/2015
#6359 There should be make/contribute links somewhere prominent and persistent on Sites enhancement johnjamesjacoby new 04/08/2015
#6382 Add dynamic Grunt Watch task Build/Test Tools enhancement netweb assigned 04/19/2015
#6578 Make Responsive Sites enhancement johnjamesjacoby new 08/05/2015
#6642 BP Template Versioning Templates enhancement reopened 10/02/2015
#6783 Groups: Add Profile Fields and Profile Field Groups Groups enhancement reopened 12/17/2015
#6789 XProfile: do not store serialized arrays for multi-value profile field data Extended Profile enhancement new 12/22/2015
#6806 Activity Bump for marked favorite and new replies Activity enhancement new 01/05/2016
#6812 Creation of Sites enhancement johnjamesjacoby new 01/07/2016
#6890 Remove usage of deprecated bp_activity_delete_by_item_id() from various functions. Core enhancement new 02/09/2016
#6938 Add email token for recipient? avatars. Emails enhancement reopened 03/03/2016
#6957 Too specific "nothing found" message for activity loop Activity enhancement new 03/13/2016
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