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Ticket Summary Owner Component Priority Severity Milestone Type Workflow Modified
#8144 Use of bp_core_signup_send_activation_key not checked while querying for signups Members normal normal Under Consideration defect (bug) has-patch 10/15/2020
#7652 Using template loop functions in a different (or no-loop context) Core normal normal Under Consideration enhancement 01/31/2018
#8590 Various object cache groups are called upon, but were never actually created espellcaste* Performance normal normal Up Next defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 01/02/2022
#8279 What about introducing BP Friends Types in 7.0.0 ? Friends normal normal Under Consideration feature request dev-feedback 11/08/2020
#7126 [BP Nouveau Request] create functions to get the component's button args imath Core normal normal enhancement 10/19/2017
#5974 add support for custom menu to header nav Sites normal normal Sites enhancement 12/14/2014
#7737 bp-custom.php - BP_AVATAR_DEFAULT no longer working r-a-y Sites normal normal Sites defect (bug) reporter-feedback 06/21/2018
#7548 bp_button_class needs to know what $container value is to set correct $parent_element Core normal normal enhancement dev-feedback 06/29/2018
#8462 bp_core_clear_cache should be filterable espellcaste* Performance normal normal Up Next enhancement 01/05/2022
#7635 bp_core_new_nav_default function causing problem Activity normal normal defect (bug) reporter-feedback 12/12/2017
#8113 buddypress-activity.js in custom theme possible event bug Activity high critical Awaiting Review defect (bug) dev-feedback 07/20/2019
#5808 pagination broken Sites normal normal Sites defect (bug) 06/24/2016
#6563 index-action-change-avatar.php will not help to customize change avatar page. JS not working. Templates normal normal defect (bug) reporter-feedback 05/08/2017
#7304 xProfile Group field Extended Profile normal normal defect (bug) reporter-feedback 10/26/2016
#8186 xprofile field type display_filter method should provide more data Core normal normal Awaiting Review enhancement 12/26/2019
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