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04/12/2023 10:12:37 PM (13 months ago)

Administration: add a new settings tab to manage slugs customization

Compared to [13442], change the logic of Components user navigation
generation by introducing a BP_Component::register_nav() method to
globalize the nav items early (ie: the registration step) and make them
available for the new settings tab to manage slugs customization.

After a second thought, the BP_Component::setup_nav() should remain the
navigation generation step instead of playing the registration role. This
will maximize backward compatibility & third party plugins wishing their
slugs to be customizable will need to "opt-in" for BP Rewrites using the
BP_Component::register_nav() method.

This first version of the URLs settings tab does not handle slugs
customization yet, its first usage is to make sure all BP Components user
navigation slugs were registered & to put the Accordion UI in place.

Props r-a-y, johnjamesjacoby, boonebgorges

See #4954

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