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Ticket #723: wire_slug_problem.txt

File wire_slug_problem.txt, 12.6 KB (added by burtadsit, 15 years ago)

irc debug log

1(6:19:48 AM) Westy: wouldit be easier to chat in her on the main one??
2(6:19:57 AM) Westy: here
3(6:20:03 AM) burtadsit: ok i don't see a wire at all
4(6:20:06 AM) burtadsit: in a group
5(6:20:18 AM) Westy: yes i think the person disabble the wire in that group
6(6:20:19 AM) Westy: ??
7(6:20:21 AM) burtadsit: nice theme by the way. see you got google maps integrated
8(6:20:30 AM) burtadsit: oh
9(6:20:34 AM) Westy: yeah i was really happy about aht..
10(6:20:44 AM) burtadsit: lemme go look at the group you mentioned. sec
11(6:20:49 AM) Westy: all the others have it enables
12(6:21:57 AM) Westy: this is one that has it.. and when you try and post tot he wire you will see what happens??
13(6:22:41 AM) burtadsit: ya 404. sec
14(6:23:41 AM) Westy: i think like you said the spots has been left out the slug.. i just cant find the file that controls this to add it in
15(6:34:15 AM) burtadsit: you running 1.0 bp?
16(6:34:23 AM) Westy: ?
17(6:34:27 AM) Westy: no svn
18(6:34:34 AM) burtadsit: latest svn?
19(6:34:47 AM) Westy: noi dont think so..
20(6:34:53 AM) burtadsit: bp went live with 1.0 recently
21(6:35:03 AM) burtadsit: sec
22(6:35:21 AM) Westy: yeah i noticed.. i am just scared to svn up with my project deadline so close..
23(6:35:55 AM) Westy: i dont think i have made any changes tot he core other than the header bar
24(6:36:16 AM) burtadsit: the form action is not being set correctly. it's in bp-wire-templatetags.php, bp_wire_get_action() function
25(6:38:04 AM) burtadsit: the var $bp->current_component is null in that function for some reason
26(6:38:18 AM) Westy: ok so is there a fix... i am looking at it now
27(6:38:45 AM) Westy: function bp_wire_get_action() {
28(6:38:45 AM) Westy:     global $bp;
29(6:38:45 AM) Westy:     
30(6:38:46 AM) Westy:     if ( empty( $bp->current_item ) )
31(6:38:46 AM) Westy:             $uri = $bp->current_action;
32(6:38:46 AM) Westy:     else
33(6:38:47 AM) Westy:             $uri = $bp->current_item;
34(6:38:49 AM) Westy:     
35(6:38:51 AM) Westy:     if ( $bp->current_component == $bp->wire->slug || $bp->current_component == $bp->profile->slug ) {
36(6:38:53 AM) Westy:             echo apply_filters( 'bp_wire_get_action', $bp->displayed_user->domain . $bp->wire->slug . '/post/' );
37(6:38:55 AM) Westy:     } else {
38(6:38:57 AM) Westy:             echo apply_filters( 'bp_wire_get_action', site_url() . '/' . $bp->{$bp->current_component}->slug . '/' . $uri . '/wire/post/' );
39(6:39:00 AM) Westy:     }
40(6:39:02 AM) Westy: }
41(6:40:07 AM) Westy: echo apply_filters( 'bp_wire_get_action', $bp->displayed_user->domain . $bp->wire->slug . '/post/' )
42(6:40:10 AM) Westy: i think its this
43(6:40:57 AM) burtadsit: i don't know what is changing it. no way for me to know.something is trashing $bp->{$bp->current_component}->slug
44(6:42:48 AM) Westy: oh ok could it be something to do with the translation from groups to spots.. and the slug rename?
45(6:43:15 AM) burtadsit: ya. has this worked in the past?
46(6:43:44 AM) burtadsit: the current component is normally 'groups' there. now it's 'spots'
47(6:43:48 AM) burtadsit: hmmm.
48(6:44:14 AM) Westy: well i am not sure... really i can maybe i can just disable the translation realy quick nd see if it works
49(6:44:39 AM) burtadsit: i don't think translation is the issue tim. it's the group slug change
50(6:44:48 AM) Westy: oh ok
51(6:45:02 AM) burtadsit: sec
52(6:45:23 AM) Westy: in my custom.php i have got some got the group slug change.. do you want to see that
53(6:45:38 AM) Westy: define( 'BP_GROUPS_SLUG', 'spots' );
54(6:45:39 AM) Westy: define( 'BP_MEMBERS_SLUG', 'spotters' );
55(6:47:38 AM) burtadsit: ya that's the problem all right. the global var $bp->groups->slug is hardcoded. then in that spot it uses $bp->current_component->slug which resolves to null because current_component is 'spots'
56(6:48:21 AM) Westy: ok
57(6:48:27 AM) burtadsit: temporarily change that line to $bp->groups->slug
58(6:48:35 AM) burtadsit: see if it works
59(6:48:39 AM) Westy: which line in which file
60(6:48:42 AM) Westy: sorry
61(6:48:57 AM) burtadsit: in that function you just dumped for me
62(6:49:06 AM) Westy: ok
63(6:49:22 AM) burtadsit: bp_get_wire_get_action
64(6:50:51 AM) burtadsit: tim instead of
65(6:50:59 AM) burtadsit: return apply_filters( 'bp_get_wire_get_action', site_url() . '/' . $bp->{$bp->current_component}->slug . '/' . $uri . '/' . $bp->wire->slug . '/post/' );
66(6:51:02 AM) burtadsit: change it to
67(6:51:37 AM) burtadsit: return apply_filters( 'bp_get_wire_get_action', site_url() . '/' . $bp->groups->slug . '/' . $uri . '/' . $bp->wire->slug . '/post/' );
68(6:55:33 AM) Westy: ok mine is slightly different i may be due to running on older svn
69(6:55:34 AM) Westy: echo apply_filters( 'bp_wire_get_action', site_url() . '/' . $bp->groups->slug . '/' . $uri . '/wire/post/' );
70(6:56:11 AM) Westy: i have tried but this triggers the message that says sorry the message could not be posted to the wire
71(6:56:37 AM) burtadsit: you have it like that now? sec
72(6:56:56 AM) Westy: yes it seems to have fixed the re direct
73(6:57:04 AM) Westy: but it is is not allowing the post
74(7:00:03 AM) burtadsit: yep. sec
75(7:00:30 AM) burtadsit: it's got the right url for the form now. something else is wrong now. :)
76(7:00:36 AM) burtadsit: sec
77(7:00:50 AM) Westy: ok...
78(7:08:40 AM) Westy: do you think that if i svn up that i will be ok or will it messup my current theme
79(7:08:50 AM) Westy: as i think there was a problem with this last time
80(7:09:44 AM) Westy: my current skeleton theme has some error with the new bp things
81(7:12:42 AM) burtadsit: it's a bug in bp tim. think i found it. yes it relates to how bp handles changes in the BP_GROUPS_SLUG. it isn't handled right in some spots. lol. no pun intended :)
82(7:13:16 AM) Westy: ok
83(7:13:23 AM) burtadsit: some spots in bp code take it into account and other spots rely on it being 'groups'
84(7:13:29 AM) burtadsit: sec
85(7:13:38 AM) Westy: ok so
86(7:13:39 AM) burtadsit: i think i can give you a workaround
87(7:13:45 AM) Westy: ok cool
88(7:16:05 AM) burtadsit: ok. here we go. change the file bp-groups.php, the function groups_new_wire_post()
89(7:16:18 AM) burtadsit: the line in groups_new_wire_post() that reads:
90(7:16:28 AM) Westy: ok on sec
91(7:16:54 AM) burtadsit: if ( $wire_post_id = bp_wire_new_post( $group_id, $content, $bp->groups->slug, $private ) ) {
92(7:16:58 AM) burtadsit: to this
93(7:17:51 AM) burtadsit: if ( $wire_post_id = bp_wire_new_post( $group_id, $content, 'groups', $private ) ) {
94(7:18:00 AM) Westy: i am in bp-groups.php in the plugins part and i cant find the groups_new_wire_post()
95(7:18:31 AM) Westy: ok i have found
96(7:18:32 AM) Westy: if ( $wire_post_id = bp_wire_new_post( $group_id, $content, $bp->groups->slug, $private ) ) {
97(7:18:42 AM) burtadsit: line 1863 in my code
98(7:18:45 AM) burtadsit: that's the line
99(7:19:02 AM) burtadsit: mod like above
100(7:19:32 AM) Westy: ok change that line to
101(7:19:33 AM) Westy: if ( $wire_post_id = bp_wire_new_post( $group_id, $content, 'groups', $private ) ) {
102(7:19:43 AM) Westy: then save and test ??
103(7:19:49 AM) burtadsit: yep
104(7:22:00 AM) Westy: ok that seems to have worked.. it give the Wire message successfully posted. message... BUT now the issue is that the wire is not showing the post...
105(7:22:26 AM) Westy: i had this problem with my profile wire..
106(7:22:49 AM) Westy: could it be a change to the database version
107(7:23:24 AM) burtadsit: you had the prob with the profile wire too?
108(7:23:32 AM) burtadsit: what fixed it?
109(7:23:50 AM) Westy: andy said to change the database version...
110(7:23:55 AM) Westy: up one incriment
111(7:24:04 AM) Westy: so ill just try that
112(7:24:21 AM) burtadsit: ah. that's to force an upgrade of the db. dont think that is the issue here
113(7:24:32 AM) Westy: oh right
114(7:25:00 AM) burtadsit: lemme go look at the wire display stuff. i know what to look for now
115(7:25:10 AM) Westy: what could it bee then that is not dispalying the group wire post
116(7:25:12 AM) Westy: ok cool
117(7:25:22 AM) burtadsit: same issue
118(7:26:25 AM) burtadsit: tim you using the tribe hotel group?
119(7:27:01 AM) Westy: as in using it as a part of the site..
120(7:27:15 AM) Westy: yes but i dont mind using it for testing
121(7:27:35 AM) burtadsit: no for this testing. nvm. i am :)
122(7:28:23 AM) Westy: ok i get ya.. sure go ahead and use it for testing
123(7:28:33 AM) Westy: does it clash if i use it
124(7:28:59 AM) burtadsit: no. i have to use something. you can delete the msgs after. sec
125(7:29:10 AM) Westy: not a problem
126(7:47:08 AM) burtadsit: westy. ok. i think i found it. sec
127(7:47:13 AM) Westy: ok
128(7:47:16 AM) Westy: kool
129(7:48:10 AM) burtadsit: in bp-wire-templatetags.php in the function function bp_has_wire_posts()
130(7:48:14 AM) burtadsit: the line
131(7:48:48 AM) burtadsit: 'component_slug' => $bp->current_component,
132(7:48:54 AM) burtadsit: change to
133(7:49:15 AM) burtadsit: 'component_slug' => 'groups',
134(7:49:24 AM) burtadsit: see it
135(7:49:25 AM) burtadsit: ?
136(7:49:32 AM) Westy: no
137(7:49:56 AM) Westy: i cant see 'component_slug' => $bp->current_component, in bp-wire-templatetage
138(7:50:04 AM) burtadsit: line 110
139(7:51:13 AM) burtadsit: your code isn't the same as mine. mine is 1.0
140(7:52:04 AM) Westy: yeah its its different
141(7:52:06 AM) burtadsit: might be diff area but should be the same function name bp_has_wire_posts. maybe
142(7:52:49 AM) Westy: ok let me look
143(7:53:16 AM) Westy: what is that code drop box site agan
144(7:53:48 AM) burtadsit:
145(7:54:28 AM) Westy:
146(7:54:33 AM) Westy: i am look also
147(7:54:52 AM) burtadsit: ok. got it. sec
148(7:55:40 AM) Westy: is it this if ( $bp->current_component == $bp->wire->slug || $bp->current_component == $bp->profile->slug ) {
149(7:55:55 AM) Westy: line 273
150(7:56:01 AM) burtadsit: sec
151(7:57:50 AM) burtadsit: similar issue prob there but i'm lookin up in the class constructor line 31
152(7:58:31 AM) burtadsit: see that line? you know what to do :)
153(8:00:22 AM) Westy: $this->table_name = $bp->{'groups'}->table_name_wire;
154(8:00:26 AM) Westy: to this
155(8:00:40 AM) burtadsit: i change it in the pastebin to $bp->groups-> no other stuff
156(8:01:15 AM) burtadsit: no {'groups'} just $bp->groups->table_name_wire
157(8:04:02 AM) Westy: great i can see the wire post now.. i cant believe it but when i tried to delete the wire post.. it went to the 404 again..
158(8:04:16 AM) Westy: its quite a larg issue this slug thing
159(8:04:21 AM) burtadsit: yep. yet another...
160(8:04:23 AM) burtadsit: yes
161(8:04:26 AM) burtadsit: :)
162(8:04:39 AM) burtadsit: lemme go look at the delete stuff.
163(8:04:50 AM) Westy: ok thank so so much thats really kind
164(8:05:16 AM) burtadsit: you're gonna owe me a pound of kenya coffee :)
165(8:05:40 AM) Westy: yeah for sure
166(8:09:48 AM) burtadsit: file bp-wire.php function bp_wire_delete_post() line 126 -      $table_name = $bp->{$component_name}->table_name_wire;
167(8:10:00 AM) burtadsit: we're getting good at this
168(8:10:11 AM) Westy: yeah one sec
169(8:12:23 AM) Westy: found it
170(8:12:24 AM) Westy:             $table_name = $bp->{$component_name}->table_name_wire;
171(8:12:28 AM) burtadsit: yep
172(8:12:46 AM) burtadsit: $bp->groups->table_name_wire
173(8:13:00 AM) Westy:             $table_name = $bp->groups->table_name_wire;
174(8:13:03 AM) burtadsit: yep
175(8:13:04 AM) Westy: ?
176(8:13:07 AM) burtadsit: yep
177(8:16:05 AM) Westy: this is what i have on line 126             $table_name = $bp->groups->table_name_wire;
178(8:16:15 AM) Westy: and i dont think it fixes it.
179(8:16:34 AM) burtadsit: if that's the line it's on in your code
180(8:17:07 AM) burtadsit: lemme look again
181(8:17:15 AM) Westy: ok
182(8:17:26 AM) Westy: i am just off to lunch for a quick few mins
183(8:17:42 AM) Westy: ill leave things on so i can pick up if you leave a post
184(8:17:45 AM) Westy: brb
185(8:18:54 AM) burtadsit: k
186(8:33:58 AM) burtadsit: ok. it's the delete link
187(8:35:19 AM) burtadsit: file bp-wire-templatetags.php function bp_wire_delete_link() line that reads:
188(8:35:35 AM) burtadsit: return apply_filters( 'bp_get_wire_delete_link', '<a href="' . wp_nonce_url( site_url( $bp->{$bp->current_component}->slug . '/' . $uri . '/wire/delete/' . $wire_posts_template->wire_post->id ), 'bp_wire_delete_link' ) . '">[' . __('Delete', 'buddypress') . ']</a>' );
189(8:35:46 AM) burtadsit: should be
190(8:36:07 AM) burtadsit: return apply_filters( 'bp_get_wire_delete_link', '<a href="' . wp_nonce_url( site_url( $bp->groups->slug . '/' . $uri . '/wire/delete/' . $wire_posts_template->wire_post->id ), 'bp_wire_delete_link' ) . '">[' . __('Delete', 'buddypress') . ']</a>' );
191(8:36:15 AM) burtadsit: see the
192(8:37:14 AM) burtadsit: {$bp->current_component} thing? should be $bp->groups->slug
193(8:44:08 AM) burtadsit: i gotta run here. i'll post a trac ticket on this. others will have the same problem
194(8:54:22 AM) Westy: amazing...
195(8:54:26 AM) Westy: you fixed it